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It was a true blast with our friends from Japan and Korea, I mean literally we didn't had a second of free time....
Track days and touge days were awesome a lot of fun, I enjoyed smashing the C63 on the drift day and I enjoyed the R33 on that track but I overdid it which I will say more about later on.....

I will kick this update with the 1994 Toyota Supra A80 N/A Automatic with 350 000+ km on the odometer......

I had Ziga help me take out the engine out of the shell strip it down check the situation, give a detail inspection to the shell and go spent 5 days in front of a computer to order all the parts for the car....

Some parts came from USA, some from Japan, some from Europe and some from Australia and New Zealand.

Here is a list of all the parts that we ordered for the car :

    Used OEM Limited Slip Differential
    Used OEM Drive shaft
    Used MT C0009 350Z/G35 Transmission
    TRD Transmission and engine mounts
    A80 front strut tower bar
    TRD Radiator, oil filler and fuel caps
    Denso PK20TR11 Spark plugs
    OEM Rear and front wheel bearing kits
    OEM Rear and front brake pads
    OEM Rear and front brake discs
    OEM Rear and front springs
    OEM Bilstein shocks
    OEM Power stearing pump
    OEM outer right and left tie rods
    Brake calipers rebuild kit
    TRD Shifter knob
    TRD Boot cover
    TRD Front bumper Lip
    Toyota Supra Turbo badges
    OEM Toyota Timing belt
    2JZ Gasket kit

That was the parts list and here is a list of the basic stuff that is needed on the car :

    Engine clean up
    Engine oil change
    Diff oil change
    Transmission oil change
    Brake fluids change
    Power steering fluid change
    Clutch fluid change
    Coolant change
    Oil filters
    Fuel filters
    A/C Filters
    Timing belt

So after inspecting the list of parts and jobs Ziga said " Hey Ben I know how much you love that Supra and want to fix it but we can not go bankrupt on it so I am putting a V$10 000 budget for the stuff"

In the end he smiled cause I managed to bring some money back hehe...

1st day :
So the first job was to clean the inside of the block, pistons, rods, crank and everything else that came under our hands.
After cleaning the engine we took the gasket kit and started assembling the engine again.......

At the end of an exhausting day we managed to put the engine back together and attach the clutch flywheel and transmission.....

2nd day of the service :
Then Ziga went somewhere for 2 days doing some errands (tbh I think he was racing somewhere without inviting me ) meanwhile in the garage I spent 2 sleepless nights installing the mounts, engine with transmission, driveshaft and the diff....
After the installation I installed the exhaust back on and removed the wheels to overhaul the brakes.

4th day :
Engine - check, transmission - check, driveshaft - check, diff - check, hmmm lets go for a drive??? Nah no fluids and no wheels.
After taking the wheels off and overhauling the brakes on Day 2 and 3 I noticed that the hidden brake lines are corroded and decided to spend some additional money on steel brake lines. Surprisingly Ziga decided to help me so we spent day 4 doing the brakes and we successfully finished....

Day 5 :
"That is when they realised that they fucked up!!!!!"

So basicaly what we were supposed to do was replace the shocks, springs, bearings, all that kind of stuff and then do the brakes..... WP For us hehe...
Day 5 : Remove all the stuff that we installed on day 4 GG WP!!!!

Day 7 :

I skipped day 6 cause you know what we did, replaced the parts that needed the replacement and installed back the parts that I did on day 4...

On this day we had all the essential parts that a car needs to be a car and started to change all the fluids....
For the engine we used Castrol 03072 GTX MAGNATEC 10W-30 5 quarts, for the transmission we used Toyota 08885-01306 V160 Transmission oil 2x1L, for the Diff we used Castrol Axle Limited Slip 80W-90 2x1L.
For the power steering we used Castrol 03520C TRANSMAX DEX/MERC ATF 2x1Gal, Clutch and Brakes Castrol 12614-12PK DOT-4 Brake fluid, as for the Coolant we used Toyota 4Life Red 3x1Gal.
As for filters we used genuine Toyota for all of them....
Next on the to-do list was to install the Denso PK20TR11 spark plugs, the new caps that I got and the front strut bar.......

Day 8 :
After the engine Service we decided to spend some time on the inside of the car....
We replaced the gear leaver leather with the TRD Boot cover that we got and the TRD knob, inspected the interior for malfunctions

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand finally the moment of truth.....

We cranked her up.......
But final after 37 tries and 1h of trial the car cranked from the first try hehe......
We let her warm up and took it for a easy cruise around the garage and it felt great everything works how its supposed and no noises that are not supposed to be there.....

It took us around 9 days to get the A80 runing again but now we hit the goal and we are proud.....

Couple days later I was talking with Ziga about the future and what happened to my R33 (Which will come in a moment) and his phone rang, he said only Yes, yes,yes and "I am on my way" and left the building.....
I didn't knew where he went but it was time for payback..... I took my favorite drill and wrenches and removed the genuine TRD Spoiler from his Supra and installed on mine immediately.

Psssst don't tell him I covered the supra's up so he didn't see anything yet :D
Ziga if you are reading this....... Payback is a B****


Writing the name of this chapter brings back tears in to my eyes, so you can guess what could possibly happen.....

On the way home from the track day, I was the last guy in the line to leave the track and decided to take a different route and blow some steam off that I had accumulated on the past few weeks......

While cruising at 50MPH, suddenly a BMW M5 E60 appeared and started flashing his lights, I turned my right indicator and slowed down for him to ower take me, but instead I got a bump on the rear bumper and a fuse in my brain snapped..... I started accelerating, but he was too and we were neck and neck I had my throttle on 50%, he thought he could take me, I wanned to let him take me but in the end from the rage from getting bumped for not wanting to race told me no this guy can not go in front of my precious R33 and so I floored it.....

While chasing me, I had to slow down due to a car in front of me, he didn't wanned to wait for me to overtake him and be in front of him again he pushed it too far, spin out and ended in somebodys field (he escaped uninjured)..... While driving with all that rage for a unknown reason I decided to give it a full go on the street of oklahoma and see how does the R33 behave there with the new setup....

5 miles later I was looking in my rear view mirror for cars, because I had a semi truck in front of me which I wanned to overtake. That was the time when I noticed that my car just puked all oil that it had in the engine trough the exhaust....

I stopped the car, called a friend with a tow truck to tow the car to a location which I didn't said to anyone...

I don't know why the engine puked, but I knew that I overdid it.....
I towed the car to the docks and saw Muza and AJ loading up their cars and told the guy to wait for them to finish and leave...
After that we loaded the car and I told him to ship the car to JAPAN!!!!!

This is where I am going to stop....

I don't wanna give up too much info now but just stay tunned more things are going to happend over the next few weeks...

Also tomorrow I have a flight to Bosnia to take care of some stuff and to attend one meeting in Germany with my cousn to present the shop with some builds but the photos will be when I get back home.

The Supra repairs costed me V$5916

Lagano will do the full finance stuff cause he is our maths guy, I am just the wrench nowdays due to me beeing phisicaly unstable due to me destrojing my preciouse San-San

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