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S15 is working
I was interested in s15 for about 3 weeks.The parts took a little longer to come, and it was a different challenge for me to assemble the parts.Apart from these, my budget had started to decrease and I had to be economical.I couldn't wait to get the S15 down, so I ordered a wheel set,I had to handle the brakes before I put the wheels on.A nice brake set was too expensive, so I did some research on the Internet and put on the old brakes of the ER34 on the s15,of course this process will be used temporarily instead of more beautiful brakes will buy.I chose 18-inch Work Emotion Cr Kiwami and BFGoodrich g-Force Sport as a rim and tire brand.

As for the engine compartment;

As you know, we had a lot of missing parts in the engine.I have listed the parts I bought at the bottom according to brands and prices, you can review.The engine is now running but no further adjustments are made.Of course, when I bought a lot of parts, I almost didn't have any money, and I couldn't even buy a seat in the car. :)) I didn't want to miss the price I found the clean Nardi steering on the internet was really affordable.I think I'm going to buy a Bride brand seat, but the prices are very high, if you have Bride brand seats for sale, please contact me,I think I'm gonna use a wooden box for a while. :))

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