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Track time!

Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, 17th May

Benny managed to get ourselves a track day for the boys from Japan to have some fun with their rides before they head back. That was also a great opportunity for my R32 to get some well deserved track time! I've become quite familiar with power outputs upwards of 1000hp but this was the first time i unleashed them all on the track! It's a totally different thing than letting them go on a drag strip, i'll tell you that.

Ben was there with another GTR, his mighty R33 as you all know it. However it wasn't pushing all it's horsepower, i believe he tuned it to a 700-ish HP RWD setup which lead to a few drifts on the track!

It had a set of good grippy tires though so Ben could still make a few great lap times.

I was quite surprised by the R32's handling too, the R888 tires and Tein coilovers surely did their job! I had another set with me so i went all out in some corners :D

And yes, there was also Lydia with another beast of a R33!! Name doesn't ring any bells? Well, it might be because last time i've seen her she was a guy named Harrison. I know people change over time but i didn't expect such a difference. Anyway, she also put that R33 to use with some amazing runs!

I think her R33 was also detuned a bit because she had to drive it all the way from Arizona, it still looked quite powerful on the track and made some nice pops and bangs!

11k was also looking good with his E36, i saw that he had some skill from the gymkhana events! Well the tracks there are usually slower and tighter but his knowledge was very useful here too, he nailed the lines in some corners!

Soju managed to surprise me as well, his Supra is more of a highway racer but with all that weight reduction it turned out very agile on the track! All those aero bits provided him more than enough downforce to keep him on the road.

He pushed all of that boost on the straightaway in some laps, i'm glad he has a proper brake kit to slow it down haha.

Last but not least, there was Yuan with his Foxbody! He kinda made it a GT with the Modular 4.6 swap, that was quite a power boost for it since it's very light for a Mustang! He handled it on the track like a pro, i could definitely tell his experience from tracking the Evo 3. Despite all the body roll he managed to keep the racing line and hit the apex in the corners, sometimes he even drove on the curb and did a bit of 2 wheeling like with his Evo once!

Another thing worth mentioning is that the Mustang had completely stock running gear! Including some old tires, and that had its consequences a few times lol. When braking in one corner i think the rear wheels locked up for a moment and it threw him in a massive drift, Smoke handled it like a champ though and made a little smoke on the track too!

All in all it was a ton of fun again!! There were also Muza, Marc and AJ with their LS swapped RX7 but i didn't manage to get any photos because i was riding along too much haha. I'm glad y'all enjoyed it, and thanks for the visit again! :D