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# BigSmoke : Well the Y33 looks good to me and still daily-able, though idk about ride quality post-lowering. And hey, you can throw it absolutely sideways! :D

And thank you very much for the missile top tip! :cheers:
no problem dude! i can get ahold of missile cars for you on the cheap if you'd like, just hit me up!
# Lagano : Uhhhh you do know you have R34 wheels in the front too, right? Well it looks good either way, it's very low as always but it still seems drivable enough for a daily :P
shhhhhh hahahaha. shakotan style so RIP my underside but it is pretty drivable honestly!
# Sleepin mOnkey : thats a vip sntancy boy makes me miss my old one that got destroyed
sad! get another one, they're a dime a dozen.
# RocketBunnyS13 : BNR34 wheels in the back
Shut your fuck in the back


I am a firm believer in the idea that daily drivers need not be boring, so.

I have rolled the living hell out of these fenders (cracked the paint on the passenger rear left l o l) but I have fitted these BNR34 stock wheels I've had for a year now.

Oh, and it shreds.

I'm thinking I might modify some spare S14 knuckles and see if I can get some additional angle - I'm trying to keep this car low budget, but I'm also trying to have fun, but also I'm trying to not get carried away..


180SX stayed stock long enough, one week is a lot of time.

With the help of my boys Lennart and Adrianne at Car Shop R-Style, we swapped some of the suspension off my old !80SX onto this car, namely the 326power coilovers, and Parts Shop Max adjustable CA's.

Then we swapped the S14 five lug hubs over, complete with bigger R32 brakes and Project Mu calipers.

This also means for now, I am rocking a set of OEM R32 GT-R wheels wrapped in AD08's. Super grippy and looks so good, fenders need some rolling though they rub quite a bit.


It still looks like garbage, but working with Adrianne, we got my car tuned and running real well and hit up Sazan Circuit for a test day.

We ran it on the dyno and it pulled a solid 402whp on a conservative 10psi tune on 94 pump gas, which is fantastic for what I intend on using this car for.

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