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# RocketBunnyS13 : YASSSS joining the S13 gang!! That's a Chuki USDM S13 coupe, therefore the chassis code would be MS13 instead of the JDM SR PS13, or simply the JDM CA S13. But YEET it was a pretty solid day and I still can't believe you bagged a pristine (except for the transmission) 240SX SE Vert for V$850! Definitely a steal. We might have broken down along the way, but that car will be AMAZING when it's done.

Also let's not tell everyone about how I tried to get the transmission to work by playing with the shiftgate and rocking it back-and-forth HAHAHAHA. Oops I just told everyone myself didn't I. F

As I expected form the S-Chassis expert, thanks for the quick knowledge material indeed :D
Also I'm glad you were able to help me on picking it up (though not ended so well), since I was sure you'll be happy to see an S13 vert, and indeed you were! :D

Row, row your box......probably the box's internals is basically a metal milkshake/smoothie by now but let's see :))
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