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Sooooo.... I decided to do another thing, I think it was 100% worth it!

New Addition:
1991 BMW E34 M5 | 124,075 Miles | 3.5L S38B36 Inline 6 | 311hp - 266lb-ft | Link: *LINK*

So I decided to put myself even deeper into the hole I've already started digging collecting M5's for a living and located a SUPER CLEAN 1991 BMW E34 M5 for the low that I could toss into my current BMW collection! The car is stunningly clean even for having 124k miles and on top of that it drives like it came straight out of the factory! I'd have to say that this is the least powerful of my ///M cars but it has got to be the most realistic/pure driving car of the lot, it's just an amazing car overall and I don't have a single regret after purchasing this car!

On the other hand I finally got the front bumper and hood back from my buddy's repair shop and the F10 is looking clean next to it's older brother! I got some major plans and parts have been ordered for the F10 so stay tuned for the next update!!!

Enjoy the pictures I took earlier today before work!

F10 M5 bumper and hood repair: -V$800
1991 BMW E34 M5 + Delivery to California: -V$10,870
3 Paychecks: +V$2,820
Bank Account:V$66,310