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# Sleepin mOnkey : what awesome pics and welcome to japan buddy feel free to drop at the shop when visiting ebisu

Thanks, will do.

# BigSmoke : Ah man sad to see the E36 went into the sunset :crying:

But S13 looks so lit right now. And since it's now has become a new canvas, why not try something new? :D
And my popcorn's ready to see what the new project would be ;)

It will be a little different, i think you'll like the finish product. I'm currently working on the new design for the PS13.

Small update

Got the PS13 painted as i promised, father hooked me up with the paint as always, rad man. Currently working on a new livery for it, so stay tuned for that.
Forgot to mention i installed front canards that came with the kit.

Got some good news, i got a new car! daily/street.
Here it is, Nissan 180SX with a SR20 ofcourse, my 3rd s20 i've owned haha. Got it for a suprisingly good deal, 4,000$ car is in a good condition everything is stock. Drove it home and started taking out the interior, after i finished that, moved on to cut the fenders for more clearance, getting new fenders soon.

Had to get some coilovers on this thing asap! gotta lower it haha.

I have no idea what i'm going to do with this car yet, we'll see, that's all for now thanks for tuning in.


Nissan 180SX - 4,000$
Coilovers - 960$
Left: - 13,280$