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# Soju : One of the best E36s here :) And the PS13 will definitely look hot when it's finished!

Haha, i appreciate it bud. Yeah, still waiting for my parts to arrive.

# Alex876 : PS13 is sweet,cant wait to see it done

Me too man, can't wait to get my hands on this after i get my parts.

# Wypple : that thirteen is a beautiful one even in that condition! Great job what are you doing.


# Buzzsaw : PS13 getting more loved, can't wait see to finish.

PS13 update should be in a few days, depends when my parts arrive.

# Nightrunner : god damn , PS13 Is starting to look like a car finally !

Sure is man.


Sorry for bad photos, i was tired, will get better shots next time.

After talking with friends for quite some time about moving to Japan, they agreed and we booked a flight to Japan (Tokyo) can't wait to hit the mountains with my E36 and buddies going to be fun.
Overall Exploring Japan, driving through places with buddies at night, just enjoying life. I do have big plans for the PS13 thinking about getting another car been thinking about this for few days now
and can't decide should i get it or not, since i'm really broke at the moment, PS13 will take all of my money anyways so i'll have to save up and think about this. Imported my E36 & PS13

Went out to the Docks to slide with friends, it was fun as hell.

This is my buddy, Tommy, owns a 180sx with a 2JZ running hotboi wheels and sharing the same style.

Here's me sliding my E36 for the first time, it ran suprinsingly well, hope it lasts like this.

And this is Oliver, 180SX SR20DET running low and enjoying it.

The night was going well until Tommy crashed his 180SX.. he went a little way too hard and smashed into a wall, luckily nothing serious happened to him, just minor scratches, car is not doing good, engine is repairable but its like gone basically, so he has to get a new engine.

Shit happens, it was a damn rad car but it's repairable.

Plane Ticket - 435$

Total: 1,872$
Left: 4,561$

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