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# insolivion : Looks good, 180 getting a livery? would be hawt.

i dont think i will put on some kind of a livery on my RPS13

At least not for now .

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# Sleepin mOnkey : such a clean ps13 also this man living the r33 stockie life

R33 Stockies on everything lmaoooooo

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# Soju : That’s a good find!

ikr ? Such an clean example that is about to be " destroyed " lmaooo

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# Buzzsaw : Funny enough PS13 look like sleeper.

Yup !

Added 1 hour 15 minutes later:

Silvia time !!! 援ピイ

Well hello there my dudes ! As you guys know me , my cars are not stock for a long time , in fact , when i´ve bought the PS13 , i´ve started working on it the same day , first off - " Japanese fenders " , long story short , i´ve
rolled and hammered the fuck out of the fenders to eliminate the OEM lip line and get some more aggressive fitment .
On the next day i´ve ordered pretty well known coilovers here on the forums , 326Power Chakuriki coilovers !
Not gonna lie i was really shock at how low they can go and boy oh boy i fucking love it ! And to finish off the suspension portion , ladies and gents ....

Advan Model T5´s !!! 羽位く宴

Yup , Fucking Model 5´s in a pretty aggressive specs for a stock body PS13 , 17x7.5 on all 4 corners , but with the Japanese fenders ,
the fitment is amazing without any major problems ! Also as you could see , the T5´s and Japanese
fenders are not the only upgrades on the exterior .
I´ve decided to " upgrade " the PS13 with a Type-X bodykit ,
Yup , OEM Type-X rear valances and OEM Type-X Sideskirts .
And what about the front lip ? Actually , i´ve got the front lip in the back of the ps13 for free as a part of my purchase so , yeeey.

Since My shop was full of RPS13 parts , i´ve decided to visit my Uncle´s shop and install the front lip and Type-X sideskirts there .
The sideskirts were pretty easy to install since they are OEM parts and not a fiberglass parts .

Lip install  あド園

Surprisingly , the lip install
was pretty easy . First , we disassebled most of the front end of the car - headlights , grill and of course Front bumper .
Then we test fitted the lip on the bumper , marked the holes that we have to drill and after that , the lip was on the bumper !

Then we put everything back in place aaaaaaaaaannnndddd.....

Done !

Damn , the whole car looks absolutely different with the new set of rims and aero , i really dig this look ! I still
can´t believe the fact , that the 326 coilovers can go even lower than it is now , guess i´m not gonna visit Ebisu in this car lmaooo .

But WAIT , there´s more ! For the past week i wasn´t just working on the PS13 , i actually was mainly working on the RPS13 !

I was working on my 180sx almost 24/7 ,installing all the parts , putting the engine back in
the car and preparing everything for the first start !

After Literally 24 hours of hard work , the engine was in the car . But wait , thats an S15 Notchtop SR20DET !!!!

Well , sadly , the old SR20 wasn´t repairable and since i´ve had the stock S15 SR20 internals , i´ve decided to go with a
Notchtop S15 SR20DET that i´ve found while i was looking for some parts late at night on the internet for a dirt cheap price !
However , the SR20 needed some love , i´ve replaced the old internals with the ones , that AJ gave me and since i wanted a good , reliable , 330-350HP SR , i took notes from AJ , and i´ve replaced even more parts .
Here´s the list of the parts that has been changed on the SR20 :

R32 Fuel Pump
Nismo high performance 480cc fuel injectors
Koyorad radiator to prevent the car from overheating

And i´m planning to do a lot more in the future !

Not only i´ve put the SR20 back in the car , i´ve also started to work on the pipework to the intercooler !

Also , as you could see , the RPS13 is sitting on some new shoes .I´ve decided to scrap the OEM look and i
went with a 17´´ white Work Emotion CR-Kai Kiwami´s to finish off the look ! Right now it actually starting to look like a D1Lights car and i love it !



Type-X sideskirts and rear valances - 450V$
326Power Chakuriki coilovers - 1 720V$
Advan Model T5´s - 2 780V$


S15 Notchtop SR20DET - 4 000V$
Z32 MAF - 119V$
Nismo high performance 480cc fuel injectors - 112V$
Work Emotion CR KAI Kiwami - 1 780V$
Koyorad radiator - 749V$

In total - 11 710V$

61 358.27V$ - 11 710V$ = 49 648.27V$

Sold :

2003 VW Bora 2.8 V6 4Motion - 6 000V$
1992 VW Golf MK2 - 1 400V$

Weekly paycheck - 940V$

Redesigned 10 Costumers Home interiors - 10 290V$

In total - 18 630V$

49 648.27V$ + 18 630V$ = 68 278.27V$

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