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(a mini update)

Throughout the past week and a half America has been no less of a delight! Its a very big change of pace from the fast, economy biased lifestyle back in japan. Everything feels a like its in 0.5x slow motion around here :)) But well, the goal for the trip was relaxation from lifes struggles, and relaxation is what we're all achieving!

Shifting back to topic here, ive been driving the E92 around as you'd have expected but there was also no denying a fact. aside from a stage 1 chip tune, its STOCK! boaty, wallowy, rather boring-looking. I decided i've had enough and even though the trip is coming to a conclusion soon (or so is the plan), i decided to fix that in 'murican soil.

You're looking at a photo of the new Tein Street Advance-1 coilovers right after i finished installing the last one at one corner of Laganos garage. Marc, BigSmoke and Lagano laid a hand too in order to speed the process up and it took just 20mins to get the coilovers on (thanks guys!) And if u look at the top left, you'll see a small nameless rear spoiler i got off Ebay in the OEM silver (dunno the original brand tho, lemme know if u do?)

And well, after a coilover setup and a rear wing, new Wheels were pretty much a necessity. So, this is what i ended up with!

a set of used (but in good as new condition) 19" BBS LM's with a mild dish, full silver, wrapped around in 235R19 Bridgestone Potenzas with a mild stretch. full setup set me back about V$ 2850 (good lord LM's are expensive). They dont look THAT aggressive, but they're still the iconic wheels you know them as. And it sort of keeps the style simple, yet pleasant to look at!

The rear wing was a bit of a hit or miss purchase to say the least, but so far, i LIKE IT! And at just 300 bucks, it wasnt that expensive either. Required some hole drilling to fit it on to the trunk but hey, worst case scenario if the look grows out of me, i can just switch to a carbon trunk!

Photos u just saw were at a local walmart parking lot like 20 seconds away from the Side-to-side garage. But well right after, i took the car for a spin around the whole block to judge the ride quality and locate faults if there were any.

Safe to say, the ride was dramatically improved! These being street-based coilovers, they deducted almost all the body roll and boaty feels, but the ride is still quite gentle. Bumps and holes are just a bit more sharp-feeling now but still, not the point where they are a bother!

the new wider Potenzas contributed BIG TIME to the way the car tackles turns as well! it sort of made a mutual bond with the coilover setup to make sure the car takes turns like pieces of cake. TASTY, FULFILLING pieces of cake that is :))

Overall, very much satisfied with how the car looks and feels now. The LM's were quite costly to say the least but in the end, it was all worth it to get this car how i want it to be (Still not finished at all btw! ;) )


Up next, this car could REALLY benefit from a new exhaust setup. in stock form its quite muted and opening the sounds up would really contribute a lot to the driving experience! Not sure if i'll do that here or back in japan but we'll see. (it might get more than just an exhaust setup too!)

Anyways, that'll be all for now. As always, thank you for giving it a read! :)

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