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#155835   2019-05-05 07:19          
# BigSmoke : Dang, so not only you've purchased Marc's STi, you brought it to US as well! :D
No wonder Marc opted to ride shotgun with you :))

# Niatross : AHHHHH so thats where Marcs STi suddenly went
Anyway, so far it looks really good! and aye we look nice mobbing around in same-era cars
You in the GRB, Me in the E92! (thanks again Phonexius and Lagano!!!) :-X

# Phonexius : Hey I just met you, this is crazy, I got a 08 GTR, lets tandem maybe?

GL with the car bro

# Nightrunner : Oh god , boyo, congrats on the subie ! And god damn , it looks so good on the XT7´s !

# Sleepin mOnkey : thats a sweet subie

# marcus915 : Further proof that Work Emotions basically work on every single car on the face of the universe

# Macaron_Moon : They're the Hotboi's TE37 basically.

Also AJ have fun with that thing, you'll appreciate that thing more than I will if I kept it

Thanks guys!! Definitely been enjoying this thing A LOT so far.

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