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Henlo, my real name is Deniz but y'all know me as tyretear. I'm 26, I'm living in Japan since 2017. Nagano to be exact. I've been collecting money to get my hands on a project car for so long. I guess this is enough info about me. Let's take a look at my buy... :D

I've recently came across this r32 sedan on auctions. It was a grade 3 ECR32 with rb25de and GT-R front end convertion and taillights and it seems there was an intercooler so I assumed it was turbo and decided to put my money on it. I managed to get it for 7000 V$, which sure was a steal. Car also has a 1 month temporary registration and I'm going to have to registrate it soon.

I drove back to my home later that day and parked my car to its fresh new slot... So, naturally, I decided to inspect it a bit... Interior was completely stock, it had aftermarket GT-R badges on it, hood was actually a gtst hood that got cut.

Under the hood there was a stock looking rb25 with r33 manifold, r33 turbo and a huge intercooler which I still don't know where it is from. I think I can assume car is making 250 hp at crank...

... but under the chassis it wasnt that great, car had worn out bushings and cut spring and it was pretty much stock. I guess this is where I start from huh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

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