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Well as a normal story let's start from the beginning... Yesterday I was cooking some ramen listening to some AM when my phone started ringing Tokyo Drift Knowing well who it was the conversation began...
"Hi Nagata-san"
"Hey Enzo How are you and The shop Going"
"I'm pretty fine, and the shop is good full of customers"
"Good Good, Actually called because I need a lift"
"That's weird what about your's 1000hp Rides"
"Actually I need your help on something"
"Oh Sure do you want me to pick you up at the shop"
"No, I'll meet you at the Shinkansen station at 13 P.M"
"Great ill be there"

Well if Smokey Invited me to something it's gonna be something good. But since we agreed to meet at 13:00 but since I'm a stupid Foreigner I got there 12:55 but actually I kinda got too excited with the GT-R and shaved some time too so I took some time and snapped some pics of the R32 at the same place of the R34 13:02 Smokey arrived.

When I Asked Where we were going He told me we were visiting Kei Miura's shop at that moment I was like OH BOI this is gonna be EPIC. After an hour and a half of driving, we agreed on a Snack break which meant MORE GT-R Pics

After a Snack and a couple more driving we arrived at kei's shop. They were both building something special and smokey asked me to give some points about chassis and supension. But then Something awesome happened after we discussed some things of the build i glanced Kei going arround and arround the R32 he seemed pretty intrigued then he said

"That's a Very clean R32 you got"

Me pretty flattered:
"Thanks just got it last week was quite a find"

Kei Again:
"Indeed is very rare to see good stock ones around"

Me falling into his game:
"Yes i actually asked for some of the stock parts that were missing"

Kei Doing what he was preparing me:
"How about we Widebody this car seems like a good base and i actually have only one pandem of these in japan"

"well im kinda wanna keep it stock but would be an honor to work with you"

"Let's do It like this I'll give you the kit and help you fit it and Smokey can help you with some engine parts how about"

After seeing Smokey clearly agreeing in the back

Me almost having a heart attack:
"Im honrored that you are giving me this oprtunity so lets build this baby"

We actually talked a lot more this is just the important parts

Pic at Kei's shop without showing what he's working because he asked.

GUYS GUYYYYYYS CAN you believe because i cant two of the most legendary Japanese tuner's decided to help me build one car of mine (yeah i worked and built engines for Top Secret) But this is a Whole new level i just can't say more than EPIC.

Added 1 minute later:

# Lagano : Hey look a fellow R32 GTR here! :D That was a nice find looking at how the prices are rising lately.

Hello there fellow GT-R Owner yeah it was a find as even smokey and Kei said

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