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# DEADMANE : oooo you own my favorite car! <3 nice

My favourite too!! :-X

Added 1 minute later:


Been a while again. a week more than 2 months actually. Well safe to say, life has been busier than ever! A. we got work routine tightening up, B. shenanigans with friendos, and C. ofc car progress. Last 2 months have indeed been quite stressful (but yet very fun) to say the least! But hey, here i am as i finally managed to crank an update out. Lets jump in shall we ;)


(Circa late-march, 2019)

Exterior wise, it was and still is the same! Aside from the fact that i finally put the number plate back on the trunk

The main changes for this car were small and subtle, yet VERY important to keep it healthy. Interior equipperinos!

Not much to see. We got a Defi gauge set including Boost, Oil pressure and Temperature. just the essentials! I wasnt looking to clog my whole dash with gauges that i wouldnt need with the power level im at :)) they did require a bit of work to fit snug to the dash but, i got it done no problem!
Ive also hooked up the PowerFC controller module. Essentially the wiring goes through that small storage cubby, and the unit itself mounts onto an AC vent. And lastly, this ones probably more for aesthetics but, a Defi BF external Tachometer. Mounted it right behind the wheel where my view point would see the the actual physical rev counter. (dw its not interfering with any of the steering, i made sure of that)

Well that concludes the Supras new stuff. it ran and still runs as healthy as can be! did some "decent" speeds on a Shuto run back in early april, which u may have read about in Franklin's thread. (if not, u're MISSING OUT GO READ IT)

right, moving on

Mika, the E46 M3!

BOY OH BOY DID WE HAVE A VAST CHANGE IN PLANS FOR THIS CAR! back when i finished its "tune-up" a few weeks ago, i drove it over to my favorite Ramen joint in this side of Tokyo for some breakfast. Without further ado, lads and ladettes, MAY I PRESENT


Yeah well, i did a BIG OOF and went MAXIMUM STYLE for this thing. Tbh i just enjoyed street driving this car all throughout my ownership of it. Last time u saw this car was when i began to disassemble it. The main tasks at hand were welding rear subframe reinforcement pieces on, and making a sort of custom exhaust setup by myself! both of which i did accomplish, as if you look closer on the exhaust, its got some universal square-tips on there. The full system is mostly a straight pipe but with a decent reasonator on there, so its not raspy. The result surely was VERY SATISFYING! The sound has much more character now and not to mention, free-er flowing for EPIC POWAR (well not a lot of POWAR but ok)


After the little oopsie we had with a drunk Prius driver a few months ago, i decided to make the move for a CSL front end along with the stock carbon lower lips

It currently sits on a set of 326Power Chakuriki coilovers. seen a few people around the community running these and to say the least, it seems pretty style-oriented (good performer nonetheless though). So yeah, i decided to give them a shot for the first time. Managed to find a full set from a local SuperAutobacs for 1800 V$! even though its basically slammed, the ride isnt THAT harsh. theres some scraping here and there depending on pavement tho :)) for that subtle camber to complete the look, it now has IRP Camber-caster plates up front and IRP adjustable rear control arms too!

Wheels as you can see are R18" Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R wheels, out of AJ (RocketBunnyS13)'s S15 Spec R! Traded my old Advan RG2's for this setup. We plastidipped them to this shade of white at the kami-sama HQ too! Its wrapped around a set of average Toyo Proxes tires with a mild stretch

As for the rear end, you may have already noticed the full clear taillights! Those just took a bit of R&D and some labour in the garage to get the lenses clear. Aaaand down by the exhaust, to match the front lower lips, we have a CSL style carbon rear diffuser

Ive also gone ahead and debadged the hood, and then added some functional race hood pins

Inside, ive switched the comfy, But equally bulky stock seats out for a pair of black Recaro pole positions. They hold u down nice and tight and also look good!

And lastly, if im not missing anything else, the color change is only a wrap done by the VStanced garage guys! same people who wrapped my A70 too. The color is a sort of middle ground between OEM E46 silver grey metallic, and titanium silver metallic. not as deep as the former, not as light as the latter. And ofc if i get tired of it, the Phoenix Yellow metallic will be right under!


(circa mid-March, 2019)

Soooo, this is a car ive only posted a teaser of before my sudden disappearance there. But ive ofc been driving it around every now and then and some photos have piled up!

Say hello to my new (to me) 1997 Mazda RX7 Type RS!

Right so, 1997 FD3S. Blaze Red color, 122376 kilometres on the clock, Type RS trim level, "276" Horsepower sequential twin-turbocharged 13B-REW under the hood, and pretty much stock aside from the minor aesthetics. well maintained 1-owner car too!

Said minor aesthetics are a set of Spirit R wheels (genuine ones, dunno where the prev owner sourced a set of those from ngl), and a 1998 kouki model rear wing

Ive always held these cars from 90's Mazda very near and dear to my heart. The high revving, smooth-as-cream rotary, the refined handling, the looks, EVERYTHING! It all added up to what is no short of a JDM tuner-car era ICON. in fact ive wanted one quite badly ever since i was a kid. ive literally been collecting more and more knowledge about the 13B-REW ever since i moved to Japan, and rotaries in general to one day be able to experience one myself. And now, i finally deemed myself worthy, and the bread has been GOTTEN

The inside is quite frankly as good as the outside. All stock, only basic expected wear-and-tear. Nothing to be worried about

Price i paid? the equivalent of V$ 14,500! Pretty fair deal for this model year and trim level to say the least!

oh but theres more

Yeah chiefs the Spirit R wheels werent exactly cutting it for me. They aren't very common and are in good shape so ive stored then in one corner of the garage. Switched em out for 18" Advan TC3 in chrome silver!

super SUPER pumped to finally own an FD3S tp be very honest! even with stock suspension all around it has not disappointed so far AT ALL! (coilovers next mod for this car) everytime i rev it up to redline i get a sweet reminder of what makes these cars special. may get a bitter reminder about why people call rotaries unreliable too tho haha OOF
Anyway, lets not foreshadow saddening things like that. ONLY GOOD HOPES AND GOOD TIMES

Right, that concludes getting you up to date with whats going on with my cars (other cars have gotten some progress too, leaving that for next update!) Now, moving on to


As you may have already seen on other threads (Lagano, Soju, Phonexius, BigSmoke, RBS13, Macaron), i took two weeks off of Nismo for a little chill vacation to Oklahoma, US of A with the bois!

And what better (and more shocking) way to start the trip off than what Phonexius and Lagano sneakily did

Right so you probably already know what happened. i was allowed to take Ben's R33 GTR for a spin, (which btw was a BLAST to drive) and by the time i arrived back to the parking lot i set off from, with Lagano riding passenger, Ben had arrived on this Silver BMW E92 335i. Let me sorta explain the story in more detail here :))

prior to setting off for USA, i had a chat with Ben (Phonexius) about what car im gonna use there. And at the time i planned to lease a BMW 335i. Good power from the TT i6, manual option available, more than enough comfort, good interior features, etc. etc. not to mention i just wanted to taste one of these for a long, long while. AAAANYWAYS, he only said alright i'll keep my eyes out to find a good lease deal for you. MY ASS DIDNT EXPECT GETTNG THE WHOLE CAR AS A GIFT FOR MY BIRTHDAY, AT ALL

back to what happened on the spot. so this cars remote key fob was one of those flip-up type ones. where u push a button and the metal bit of the key flips out. when i met Ben at the parking lot with all the others, he handed me the fob and said aight enjoy the car, and "use the manual key". i asked why, but pressed the key-flip button simultaneously, and tied on to it, stuffed inside the fob, a very small piece of paper which said 'happy birthday'. I was like, "yo, nah"
Ben only smiled and said, Happy birthday man! i noticed at the same time the other guys were all beginning to smile and laugh too
i rushed and opened the door, and tied to the steering wheel was a small red happy birthday balloon.
and im like, "YO, NAAAAAAAAAH NO WAYYYY" at this point all of us are wheezing, and im puzzled asf. Lagano stepped in afterwards and said "its paid for, all cleared for export too. This is your birthday present my dude!" at that point im sorta jumping around looking at the car from all different angles with my hands to my head. And well, that was that! Been driving the car around Oklahoma streets ever since, and so far, i love every bit of it.

Lets move on to the details about the car itself shall we,

2007 BMW 335i E92, Manual, Titanium Silver metallic color, 127000 kilometres on the clock. for mods, it only has a stage 1 retune on it. Added about 30hp, taking the power level up to a healthy 330hp, torque up to 319lb-ft. other than that, all stock, quite clean~

just like the FD3S back in japan, this car too has an interior condition matching the exterior. average wear and tire, alright for a 2007 car really. has an M3 shift knob and, i THINK an M3 steering wheel too

I plan to cherish this car as much as i plan to cherish my newly purchase FD3S. One was a dream car, another has an emotional attachment tied to it. Life is epic nowadays ngl :')

....An unexpected surprise, and an attempt to give back

Following this whole incident about being gifted a 335i, i was quite overwhelmed tbh. i was BEYOND PUMPED, but at the same time, i had this urge to share the happiness where it could be shared. Then my mind veered off to Marc (Macaron_moon). I'm unsure if he stated this in his RP he's been going through some family issues for a while now. which probably is part of the reason why he's here in 'merica with us.
Few days ago at one evening i went off to AJ's bedroom on our hotel suite to discuss the matter. After some talking he fully agreed and also reminded how we didnt rly give him anything significant for his birthday a few months ago. Well a bumper and a hood, but thats it rly. So we hatched a bit of a plan

We've both noticed he has a weird interest in some american cars. May i route your attention back to the background of the first pic of my 335i

And now may i present-


We took turns testing everything out secretly for the next 2 days before the car was ofc, delivered to Marcs hands at a restaurant meetup!
AJ (RocketBunnyS13) will be covering that part of the story!

its a 2013 Ford Mustang 5.0 GT S197A. has just about 50,000 miles or about 80k kilomtres. the only thing it has for mods was this set of Bronze R19" Volk Rays TE37 Sagas!

Interior is in very decent shape for this car! then again, for a 2013 model, i guess thats a given rly.

Overall, the Modular 5.0 V8 is a powerhouse of an engine. and all 3 of us agree this is the best looking modern mustang gen so far. the white color is clean too. THIS WAS PERFECTION! i'll leave AJ to describe the delivery story, and Marc to describe his own reaction xDDDDD

the price for the whole package was listed at 20,000 $. But upon showing interest and telling the prev owner our motives, he was kind enough to drop it down to 18,000$ and no less. Me and AJ split the fee by 9000$ each, and the deal was sealed!

We all love you Marc. stay strong through lifes dramas. Keep this is a token of appreciation and care! :-X

Aaaaaaanyways, that concludes todays long ass update. apologies if its a bit all over the place (got tired as i was typing it through). And as always, thank you for stopping by! ;)

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