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# Alex876 : Sorry to hear about your sr20
But the BRZ looks great? Any future plans

Yeah , it was a total disaster !

EEeeeehhhh , i´m gonna try to keep it stock-ish lmaoo

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# Soju : That's a nice little touch :)

Thank you Carbon Supra God UwU

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# Sleepin mOnkey : simple and basic making the car probably handle a lot better

The ZC/ZN6 is one of the best handling cars EVER and those new tires and wheels really improved it even more !

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Big changes !!! ォ 科

Well hello there my guy !
As you guys saw , my SR20 has recently died , Rest in Peace S R :crying:
And since i´m always thinking about next upgrades , i´ve decided that since the 180SX was broken , i´m gonna do a
full rebuild of the whole car - Interior , exterior , brand new paintjob , brand new style , full engine rebuild , E V E R Y T H I N G !

Last week i was looking for the body parts like a maniac and i was preparing the car for a full respray . Thankfully on tuesday i´ve found a donor Aspen White Type-S 180SX with a full Type-X bodykit and since i was looking for a Type-X bodykit for a while now , i´ve pulled the trigger , bought the whole car , disassembled the whole exterior of the car , test fitted the type-X parts on my 180SX and the whole car was ready for a full respray !

Few days went by and here we are !

WHAT ? This is your 180SX? Well , yep , i´ve decided to do a really drastic change and "refresh" the whole exterior of the car with a full Type-X bodykit and switch from a 4Lug setup to a 5lug !

Here´s the list of parts that has been changed :

Type-X Front bumper
Type-X Sideskirts
Type-X Spoiler
Type-X Taillights
Works9 Fiberglass Front fenders
D-max Type 3 Hood
D-max Type 3 Roof wing
Aftermarket 180sx Ganador Mirrors
Brembo BBK -
332mm Front with AP Racing carbon 6 piston calipers ,
278mm Rear with AP racing carbon 4 piston calipers
R33 Stockies on some used rubber

And the list goes on...

And the color ? I´ve decided to go with a OEM Nissan Gold / Bronze / Brownish color ( i don´t remember the name of the color but its a PS13 OEM Color )

Also ,as you guys noticed , my 180SX is not at my friends shop anymore , i´ve decided to buy myself a brand new
shop from the money that i´ve finally got from the total loss of the old one .
This shop is A LOT bigger than my old one , or the one that i´ve used for a few weeks , this shop actually used to be a old Benny´s
garage shop but they´ve moved into something much bigger .

O H , i´ve almost forgot , i might or might not bought a another car UwU .

Bottom text


This time , i´ve decided to buy a 1994 Nissan Silvia PS13 with a well " built " SR20DET in KH3 Black .

It´s pretty clear , that this car is not stock at all , it really well modded and Drift ready and that´s what i´ve needed since my " Practice " car is gone and i dont want to spend a shit ton money on a stock car and aftermarket parts and when my Friend offered me his PS13 for
a reasonable price , i immediately went to my bank , took 8 000V$ from my account , gave him the money , he gave me the keys to the car + all the papers
of the car and the cars history , we shook hands and i went home !

From what i know , the SR20DET is pushing around 280 / 290HP on a stock S15 turbo ! However , this engine setup might or might not change because i really don´t want another blown SR20 in my life lmaoo !

Exterior refresh of the 180SX ( all parts included + paintjob ) - 5 450V$
1994 Nissan Silvia PS13 - 8 000V$
Brand new Shop ( Bought from the money that i´ve got from the insurance company ) - 190 000V$

74 808.27V$ - 5 450V$ - 8 000V$ = 61 358.27V$

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