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So after a few weeks of hard work and motivation I have finally obtained two new vehicles off of my close friends at Copart and by obtained I mean stole! I got these two new cars for a literal steal! Now to stop the teasing and show the cars!

New Additions:
2007 BMW E60 M5 | 70,898 Miles | 5.0L S85B50 V10 | 500hp - 384lb-ft | Link: *LINK*
2015 BMW F10 M5 | 77,352 Miles | 4.4L S63B44TU TT V8 | 553hp - 502lb-ft | Link: *LINK*

So both of the cars have been in my possession since the delivery 2 days ago and I just did extra scoping around and both cars seem to be in good condition excluding the front end of the F10 M5 along with the front right suspension which I'll have to examine closer soon, I peeled the plastidip that was on the OEM wheels and other than that the car seems to be in excellent condition all the way around! I have pulled the hood and the front bumper off and have sent them to a local body shop to get repaired so I don't have to fork over thousands on new parts. The E60 M5 was listed as having "Mechanical Damage" and I'm assuming it was just someone not replacing the necessary parts for the motor as this is the most unreliable BMW to date. Will be going through all the phases of repairing the E60 and see if replacing those parts will change anything. Hopefully these next few days will go well for me and the cars should run and look like new! Hope you enjoy the update, here are the pics!

Delivery of both cars: -V$1,000
2007 BMW E60 M5: -V$6,900
2015 BMW F10 M5: -V$22,400
Bank Account:V$75,160