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# RocketBunnyS13 : Good to see you arrived safe and sound. Good luck on the SR20! I'm looking forward to see what you're gonna do to your ZC6 as well.
Thankfully on my way back home , there were no traffic jams Oooof , Thank you ! And thank you from the bottom of my heart for the SR20 internals m8 ! Thank you ! Can´t wait to see what you´re gonna do with your ZC6! Also , have fun in the US boyo !

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# BigSmoke : Welp gutted to see the S13 out of action again :(
Well at least you've got a quick and free replacement SR engine for it :D

Also congrats for the BRZ man, looking forward to what are you going to do with it :D

I was so happy to have a running RPS13 again and THAT happened , such a bummer . :crying:

Yup , and all thanks to AJ !

Thank you ! I´m not gonna do much to it , since i´m gonna us it partially as a daily .

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# Lagano : Too bad about the 180's engine but luckily AJ quickly jumped in to the rescue! BRZ was a great find, but are you sure about daily driving it? With all the aftermarket parts for this car i know yours won't stay stock for any longer :))
Yup ! AJ , The Rescuer lmaooo :)) :)) :))
Well , i´m gonna use it just partially as a daily , since the CPV35 is 2 low for being a daily and the RPS13 is now in 100 pieces lmaoo .

Yeah , i know , that the ZN/ZC6 have such a big aftermarket support , but i´m not gonna go crazy with this car ( not yet at least )
I´m just gonna make it a littlebit better than it already is , OEM++ i guess you could say .
For example - eliminate the torque dip by installing unequal length headers ( those will also give me that subie rumble ) , coilovers , better and much thicker wheels and tires , LSD Diff for some slides UwU , and of course to make it sound better some aftermarket catback or axle back exhaust

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# Sleepin mOnkey : built SRs are a nice kid really amazing engines espeacilly matched to a very nice (thats where your money vanishes) turbo ig you want i have a spare vnt capable of 500 horsies in the sho laying
Yeah , i know that really well , however i dont wanna run high hp SR20 in my streetcar . I´m just gonna do it the easiest way , cams , big turbo and thats it ! But thank you for your offer m8!

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# Asahi : Clean BRZ ;) .Good luck man. :)

Thank you !

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Upgrade Tiem ! ! ! ヅ唄扱のヘ

Well , yup ! 1 week of owning the ZC6 in a stock form and i have " enough " . Time for a OEM+ upgrade with a new wheel setup and new coilovers for a better handling .

For Coilovers , i´ve decided to switch from the OEM Subaru Coilover to a coilovers that
i already know , Tein Street Basis Z´s and for the brand new wheels , i´ve decided to install my " old " (used only once) setup from my , now burned down , DC5R Integra ,a set of Volk Racing TE37 Saga´s - "the truest iteration of the original TE37´s " in 17x8.0 on all
4 corners of the car topped with a brand new set of Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 !

Not gonna lie , it was pretty easy to install the coilovers , since i´ve already owned a ZC/ZN6 in the past , not for a long time tho , and i´ve learned how to uninstall the coilovers on them back then !
After few minutes of torque wrenching , the coilovers and wheels were finally installed on the car .

I must say , that i´m really happy with the results ! It looks much better that the stock ones and i
know , that the car itself is gonna perform a lot better after this upgrade !

Tein Street Basis Z coilovers - 503.50V$
Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 - 720V$

75 091.77V$ - 503.50V$ - 720V$ = 73 868.27V$

Weekly paycheck - 940V$

73 868.27V$ + 940V$ = 74 808.27V$

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