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#155596   2019-04-29 16:10          
# Lagano : Wow the 200SX's paintjob turned out better than expected! That's one less car to paint for you lol. And the S chassis that did get painted is nice too but i'm not sure if the color was a good choice cause you have 4 red S chassis now! :)) It's also good to see the S2000 slowly getting back to as it was, will that be possible for the Audi too?

Also, welcome to America!! I have loads of stuff to do with Ben but fun times are guaranteed :)

YAPPP! I need to get rid of my red ones, add some variety haha.

Thanks man!! Don't worry, I'm having a BLAST.

# BigSmoke : Yahey S14 back in the game and looking gorgeous! I could swear that's a concours-quality job the VS guys has done there. S2K also back in the game, and I could say the AP2 bumper and lip suits the stance setup better :D

You said it! VS guys really do have their magic. Thanks btw!

# Niatross : GEWD to see the S2000 back in shape and looking like a car again
Same for the RS13U! the detailing was a massive improvement!!

And ah the S14, Deep Fuschia was a GIANT CHANGE in style for that car, but gotta say, great color choice :-X

YASSSS thanks!! I'm glad the S14 I crashed is finally coming along.

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