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# TheSkidKid : Quick ol' question for y'all, can I transfer a saved car into another game save profile?

Also if there is a way to move a car into a different garage slot?

You could transfer a saved car into another profile, just copy them and et viola :D Just be careful not to overwrite any car with the same save name (PlayerCar0, PlayerCar1 etc.)

Also I think you could move them into a different slot as wel by renaming the numbers on the file name. So the save cars would usually be named as PlayerCar0, PlayerCar1 etc. as I've explained above. And every car has their default paintjob file aswell in form of names like PlayerCar1.1, PlayerCar1.2, PlayerCar1.3 etc.

All you have to do is replace the coloured part of the name above, i.e. the numbers....e.g. PlayerCar1, PlayerCar1.1, PlayerCar1.2, PlayerCar1.3 into PlayerCar4, PlayerCar4.1, PlayerCar4.2, PlayerCar4.3 and so on.

One thing that should be noted is these file names serves as array pointers for the game logic, and arrays in computer maths generally starts at 0 instead of 1. So the first garage slot is 0 (PlayerCar0), the second one is 1 (PlayerCar1), third one is 2 (PlayerCar2), PlayerCar10 will be put at the first slot at 2nd floor, i.e. the 11th slot, and so on.

I'm trying to make this as simple as possible, so I hope you could understand it well :D
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