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# BigSmoke : Well of course they did, the crash was quite audible from the paddock as well.
As of the red flag, it is their job to make everyone at the track safe after all! :D
Yea, because coolant fluid is a slippy hazard, if they don't the red flag, somebody would be skidded and spinning out.

Added 1 minute later:

# Franklin : Damn dude.
I remember when i drove that thing, such a blast, i loved it.
And still hurts me to remember when you entered to the pits with the car just all messed up
But hey, shit happens, lok at the good side
it's the perfect time to mod it, drop it to slp if u want and we can start to planning and get the work done.
Lucky only it was bumper and will do take look rear suspension. I think the lower arm or something is broken.

Funny is, I was planned to overall suspension, fully adjustable and lowered. Make grips beast.
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