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#154957   2019-04-05 16:29          
# BigSmoke : Glad both of you had so much fun in Tsukuba! :D
You've already scored a great lap time out there, I'm sure it'll get better as you improve your consistency as well as tune Tango.

My prediction about the S2K being oversteer-happy was half-correct though, and it has costed you a hell lot :(
At least you've came out safe and sound, we're glad for that. We thought we have to rush you to the hospital...... :))
Even the marshalls are kind enough to red flag the session just so you can come back quickly via the pit exit :D

But then again, now Tango is out of action and needs extra care to be sorted out. Here's hoping the restoration goes quick and well O:-)

(Speaking of which, my update will come soon and has the pictures so don't worry ;) )

I bet marshalls has noticed Tango have smokey from the hood. I could see that steaming, possible that reason to give red flag so I could enter pit quickly. Lucky I got Demio which is I bought from you, so I could drive it while Tango is fixing. Hope adjusting your Silver Queen is improved your performance and time the laps.
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