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# BigSmoke : Oh yas Ridox gang! Ridox kits always makes me drool so much I might require a bucket :thumbsup: :drool2:

Also given Cali's policy about emission and noise, I'd say moving off somewhere else is quite a wise move. Also this is the first time hearing the fact that Atlanta is one of the 'Mopar or No Car' state......the more you know indeed. Are you keeping the Cherokee as it is or uhh.....are you going to mod it? :D

Anyways, good luck for the build and the garage hunt! :D

Ridox or nothing.

Yeah that states an absolute shit hole politically I needed to leave, yeah Atlanta is full of Mopar whips it's crazy.

The Cherokee, I plan on not touching it and just keep it as my big boy car, I'm tempted to throw a supercharger on it, but not yet.........not yet.

# Alex876 : Congrats on the jeep,i have always been a fan
Nice progress on the supra

She's coming along great.

# Soju : Welcome back my man :)

It's always great to see your builds!

Can't wait how the Supra will look like :)

Thanks man.

I'm still figuring it out but I'll come up with something eventually.

Power Moves

I'm in a pretty shit financial situation again, and I'm gonna have to get rid of some liabilities AGAIN, on the behest of my accountant I gotta get rid of another car, ugh I'm currently looking for a buyer for the Golf it's the only car I can make back money on, yeah I know I just finished building it, hell I haven't even got it tuned or even driven it since I got it back and now I need to sell it, I'm super bummed about it, I just sold the Japan trip GTR and now this, meh I can't keep all these cars forever, selling them is apart of the experience.

Onto good news, I was able to get warehouse/garage to rent, with the help of a friend of mine I was able to get a sweet deal on this place through her connections, it's a great spot, with enough room to continue my Carcaine addiction and work on my babies, hell it's a cool spot for me and friends to work on their cars as well so expect some cool cars to show up in here.

Look at my Miata she's so sweet, ahem sorry got uh, weird, Imma continue the good news though, I had a job interview at Motor Cars of Atlanta, it's another highend dealership, come on I live and breathe cars, you think I'd settle for some crummy desk job, ironically enough the position is.....a desk job, but at least I get to work around expensive whips, now granted, the job isn't certain but I pray that my recommendation helps me out here.

So I'm hoping for a favorable response back, gonna have to find something to do in the mean time.

I have no updates on the builds yet, the RX7, Supra and Silvia are currently as we speak are being delivered on the property, as soon as everything is gathered the builds shall be continued, and since I got some hands on deck I would be able to get more done than ever before.

In the mean time I did spend some time driving my available cars and enjoying the beauty of this state's back roads and man, its just perfect.

I glad to be back home and now it's time to get back at what I do best.


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