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New Brakes!
One of the most important parts of this car was the brakes.I chose wildwood because I thought it was a quality brand,I also completed the installation of the hydraulic handbrake, it really became a legend. :D I wanted to overhaul the gas pedals while replacing these parts and replaced them with hydraulic pedals.Of course, we're not ready to drift, because our car has an automatic 2uz engine and it's impossible to drift with an automatic gearbox.As a motor I decided to install 1jz, a light and performance engine.I believe it would be ideal between 400-500 horsepower.If you have 1jz sellers around you please contact me.These pieces have cost me V$4,800.

Part list;

-Wildwood brake kit:-V$4000
-Hydrolic brake&gas pedals:-V$800