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Return of the Crazy Lord

My game and pc shat itself basically

Greetings brethren, it has been a while and I'm excited to show you what you've missed in my absence, and I'm gonna lead off with a life changer, I have left the communist state of California, that state has completely fell apart, the car scene is under threat and the place has pretty much gone to shit politically, so I was able to move and I moved back home to Atlanta, Georgia, I have been planning on leaving for a while and I think now was a pretty good time to pack up and hit the trail.

So say hello to the new digs;

You're probably thinking, "yo whats that in the background chief don't tell me you got a new car ?"

Correct is, since I'm moving back to a place that snows, I would need a proper vehicle not to mention since I'm in Atlanta, you'd be out of place if you didn't own a Mopar vehicle, so I was able to grab this absolute beauty.

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8

You're looking at pure Hemi muscle and my god it's amazing, I've never felt such a thrill in something this fucking massive, now details, its a 2012 Grand Cherokee it's got 108,600 miles on the clock a 470 Horse Power 6.4L Hemi V8, AWD and a whole lot of bad ass, sadly I had to let the Focus go so I could I get this, and I also had to let go of something even more dear to my heart, sigh, I sold the Supra......record scratch, Ha you thought, nah, I actually sold off the GTR I bought from my Japan trip, sad I know, but I can't keep everything, I am going back but with a better plan in mind.

In short I moved (well still in the process of moving), bought a new house and got a new car added to the never ending fleet.

I have a lot of adjusting to do still, gotta find a new job, finish packing and I need to find a store house to store the Golf, RX7 and the Supra for the time being, since I'm back in my home state I had the Silvia and the Miata stored at my parents house, so you'll be seeing those babies quite soon.

I should update you on what happened to the Supra in that span of time;

The build has been going flawlessly, I spent most of my time sanding filling and repairing the rust spots all over the car, if I wasn't doing a complete tear down rebuild the car would be ready to paint now;

Are you hyped yet ? Ridox Front, Top Secret Hood, Ridox CFRP Winglets and Side Skirts, Ganadors, sitting on some sweet bronzed Work XT7 R's wrapped in Toyo R888s, basically the Creme Brulee of everything japanese aftermarket was thrown on this car and I can't wait to start back working on it, yeah I know the build has been on hiatus but I want to go document every step of this build as possible so it was for the best, right now the car is on its way so once I get a garage the build shall continue, but for now here's more of her without make up on;

I'm super jealous of how far Sensei Soju's has come, fam I see you when will I be on you're level ?

Heh, there is a lot of shit that needs to be done and this....

It's only the beginning.


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