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Hello, I am Akira, a JAPAN resident.
I was able to get the hands on this beautiful, almost stock Lexus sc400 for V$5000.

The previous owner mentioned that he used it for daily driving.

The car was fitted with 17-inch sc300 rims and Dunlop Sport Max tyres. Chassis,suspensions and engine were okay.

The tires and brake pads had to be replaced. It was squealing all the time.

I want to do a drift project,i believe this car is just right.I'm going to unload the inside of the car first, get a new seat and a steering wheel,Then I will order the new brake system and tire.I want to sell the engine of the car because I will replace it with a new engine,I'm thinking of getting 1JZ.If you want to buy the old engine, please contact me,I will sell at an affordable price.

V$20000 - V$5000 (sc300 Price) = V$15000

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