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# BigSmoke : Heheeey you're finally coming back! :thumbsup:
And finally your Chaser has come!

The British Racing Green colour (so having a UK plate could justify it) complemets the setup very well, quite unique choice as well since iirc there are rarely green coloured cars here :D

The colour could justify it actually! *not a bad idea*. As far as i know, its a Supra MKIV Colour, not 100% on it. Thanks tho!

# Niatross : that is a BEAUTIFUL Chaser man!
Mine looks bland and dull in the shade of white compared to yours
And then theres the R33 stockies and all the genuine Tourer V panels! lovin it :-X

White Chaser's look amazing! It has the Ebisu Vibe written all over it. R33 Stockies complement everything imo, and the Tourer V Panels are what sold the car to me in all honesty. Tourer V's are my shit
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