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# 11000rpm : 621hp out of a 1jz? thats r a d af(although we can output 600hp range without much trouble)
and you bought a chaser!! I highly recommend to visit Aho's garage in Aichi, he'll surely perform an 'magic wand' on it,
not to mention you can see progress of my JZX 2019 project there, Aho said that he's sourced Kami-Sama's special touch on it recently.

like i said, more than happy with that HP number off the 1JZ :')
And HMMMMMMMMMMMMM i actually might need to visit Aho's place with the JZX's for some tiptop maintenance, since he already knows his way around these cars better than i do. Lets see ;)

# RocketBunnyS13 : 621 HP JFC WHAT THE SHIT IS THAT WHEEL HORSE ORRRRR... Anyway GODDAMN I'm totally gonna get smonked now

And ayyy still gotta do a write-up on the A5 next week but regardless, I congratulate you on your fresh JZX100, a perfect blank canvas (which is also a worse daily than the A5 ngl :^))
621 crank, 530 wheel!
we are YET to do a race for PINK SLIBS FAGIT (jk we aint doing that xd)

yaayyy i congratulate myself on a downgrade :D (whoop)

# Sleepin mOnkey : if you wanna go cheap for a while ill be glad to sell my old non vvti 2jz-ge with stock gte twins 1.500 and i can help you install/tune

With the current plans for the car, i think i'll just stick with a 1JZ based setup man
however, if u dont mind, i can still take that 2J from you. might come with some use for it in the future xD. I'll pay for the delivery etc. if we're having a deal! ;)

# Shez : 600 horses!?!? das a mf big number holy shit :O
I really love that bumper exit exhaust and the aero on the Supra, really give the car a mean look :thumbsup:

Also I can't wait to see what are you going to do with the Chaser, that thing looks really sweet! nice find man :thumbsup:

its indeed a pretty darn big number! Im proud of how far this build has come :')

and thanks my man! Just gonna follow my tastes and hope for the best :D

# BigSmoke : YAAAAAAAAAAAS THE SUPRA IS STRONKK :bananajump: :pimping:
Wangan runs and trackdays here we come! :))

I'm sure AJ's gonna enjoy the A5 with that much power and effort you've put in it ;)


And of course I'm kindly bumping the update here in case anyone doesn't bother looking back one page:

inb4 death by OMEGA SPIN OFF
(jk i hope not)

# Macaron_Moon : 621hp?!?!?!? Mate try not to die driving it xD anyways good job on the MK3, all those hours poured on it did take its sweet award
inb4 death by OMEGA SPIN OFF x2
and indeed man. In the end, its all worth it! :-X

# Soju : That's a real pretty numbers for the result :)

And that is also a nice find like BigSmoke's ER34!

indeed it is, and indeed it is!

Really lucky to have stumbled upon that fresh af chaser ngl :))

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Sometimes, following your heart is a good thing.

(coming soon)

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