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Back in Europe ? ? ?ポゾ花くのぜ

As you guys know not that long ago i went back to Europe for Christmas and New Years and as you could see from the caption , yes i´m back in Europe AGAIN but this time for a littlebit longer . To be exact for 3-4 Months !!! And what do i do in Europe ? Ehhh , i´ve decided to come back for my birthday and catch up on everything that happened while i was in Japan and have a good time . Also , the Wörthersee 2019 is in 2 months from now and since i´ve always wanted to go there as a kid growing up around VAG group i´ve decided since i´m here in Europe , to actually go there this year ! Will i go there with just my friends ? Will i go there on my car ? Will i build something for Wörthersee ? Who knows , let´s see H I H E .
Anyways , starting off with the Monday - the day i came to Bratislava Airport where my dad picked me up in his E92 and we headed back home 180KM to a lovely Spa City called Bojnice , the City where i was born and used to live all my life until i moved to Japan to Study . It was so nice to see everyone together again ! It really brought back a lot of memories from my childhood .
The next day , i´ve decided to go for a little walk around our Castle , god i´ve missed this view , i´m so glad that i´m back , finally for a littlebit longed that few weeks !

Anyways , let´s move back to the cars , shall we ? Later that day , i took a look on my dads baby , clean as hell BMW e36 ! Ooofff , i remember this car as a little boy but oh my god , what a monster it is now ! I really dig the M3 bodykit and the BBS LM combo , it looks fucking awesome in my opinion :-X

Even tho , the car is basically a garage lady , it also can go around the track and kick ass !
My dad swapped in a heart of a E46 M3 inside of his E36 , S54B32 ! ! ! And not only he decided to put in this beast of an engine inside of his car , he decided to put a supercharger on it too ! O H M Y G O D , this is a fucking masterpiece , just looks at the attention to details and fab work ! My dad really put hours of his hard work into this car and it really shows !

Maybe the attention to detail i got from him ? Who knows ?
After i took a look on his E36 , he asked me a question " do you want to drive it ? "
*Autistic screening here* , sweat started pouring down my forehead , suddenly the room was much hotter , i immediately said " Y E S "
When i calmed down from my little panic attack , we took her for a little spin ! Me in E36 , my dad in his E92 !

God , this was such an amazing experience to drive this car ! I see why my dad loves this car to death !
As i´ve said , i grew up around BMW´s , at 8PM i´ve decided to visit my really good old friend Martin at his shop and take a look on his beautiful VR6 Twin Turbo 1990 VW Golf MK2 Syncro in beautiful red color sitting on beautiful BBS LM´s and bunch more tasteful modifications !

Yes , you´ve heard right , Twin Turbo VR6 inside of a MK2 GOLF . The car is pushing around 600HP to all 4 wheels and boy oh boy , it´s a fucking monster !
Take a look at the engine bay and the turbo setup !

After a small litle talk about cars , we headed on the really well known site where are a lot of cars all around the Europe for sale called ! After 30 minutes of scrolling through we found a 2 really clean vehicles and right in that moment something sparked in my mind , Wörthersee 2019 Project !
Both of the cars were up for a pretty reasonable price and for how " old " they were , they were pretty fucking clean to be honest ! We looked at each other and laughed . BINGO , we have a Wörthersee project right here ! We immediately contacted the owner at 9PM and after more than half an hour call we made a deal on both of the cars and said that we are gonna pick both of the cars the next day ! But here´s the catch , both of the cars are located in Germany , Dresden ! Well i guess first European trip ? HELL YEAH . We closed the laptop , said the time and place of a meetup , 6AM in the morning at a local Shell gas station and i headed back home ! Time to get some sleep , there´s a long long LOOOONG drive before me ! I put on a alarm on 6AM and went to bed !

*Few hours and coffee´s later *
We´re at the gas station , Me , Martin and his brother Peter ! Well , time to go !!!


Few hours of awful Slovakian Highway and German Autobahn , we arrived and look what´s right at the corner ! My new beautiful project !
Ladies and Gentlemen , let me Introduce you to Snowflake , 1992 VW Golf MK2 !

A MK2 Golf ? Just a basic Golf ? Well , this car might look pretty basic but it´s a clean exemplar of a MK2 Golf .
The car was owned by a 40 year old gentleman who bought this MK2 as his first car in 1992 and since then he took care of this car and barely drove it ! A "garage lady" without any rust that looks like it´s a brand new car from the show room , with a more punchier engine , 16V from a MK2 GTI and restored interior from a Golf m2 GTD ! And what about the other car and the prices ? The other car that my friend decided to buy was a 1981 VW Scirocco MK1 which you´ll see in a next update ! And the reasonable prices ? 1 400V$ For the 1992 VW Golf MK2 that i´ve decided to buy and 4 200V$ for a 1981 VW Scirocco MK1 that my friend Marting and his brother decided to buy . We shook hand with the owner , gave him the money , he gave us the keys , I hopped in my freshly bought MK2 , Martin´s brother in his MK2 Syncro and Martin i his freshly bought Scirocco and we headed back to autobahn ! Not gonna lie , for almost a stock MK2 golf with a slightly tuned 16V it´s pretty quick ! But not as quick as Martin´s MK2 , His Brother downshifted , and passed both of us immidiately on the autobahn !

Right on the Czech Border we decided to stop and go for a quick lunch and also take a little brake from the driving . After that the sun was a beautiful spot and i´ve decided to take a photo of my Snowflake , not gonna lie i think i´m in love with this car . As a kid i´ve always wanted to own a Golf , especially the MK1 and MK2 , i personally think that they look fucking amazing and it´s so unreal that now i own one myself !

After the Lunch brake at the Czech Border and few more hours of driving , we´re finally back home from the trip from Germany . Today was such a crazy day , first the trip to Germany , then buying my dream car to driving at autobahn and now seeing the car in the garage .

And since Martins shop / garage is pretty big , we both came to the idea that i´m gonna build my MK2 there step by step with his freshly bought Scirocco !
And what are the plans for Snowflake ? Am i gonna keep the 16V inside of the car ? Hmmmm , who knows what will come in the future , i only know that i want to make this car look as clean as possible ! To continue the legacy of the previous owner from Germany . This is a really clean MK2 and i want to keep it that way with a little spin of me in it !

As i´ve already said , this car have a heart of a MK2 GTI , a 16V DOHC GTI engine that it tastefuly modified / built in a
OEM+ style ! The engine is close to stock with just a few little bits here and there that makes this car really original .

And the Reworked GTD interior ? NO WORDS . Simply just beautiful piece of work .

And who´s the Black GTI hiding in the back of the corner with a big front mount intercooler peaking trought the from bumper ? That´s a Martin´s Brother MK3 GTI with a single turbo VR6 swap pushing around 450-500HP to the front wheels !

Well , that´s it for this weeks update , i hope you guys liked it and i can´t wait to see you again !


1992 VW Golf MK2 - 1 400V$

50 044.06V$ - 1 400V$ = 48 644.06V$

Weekly paycheck - 940V$

48 644.06V$ + 940V$ = 49 584.06V$