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My Civic project continues slowly.I want it to be visually a bit aggressive, so I ordered a few pieces, there are a few more pieces that don't show up, and I'm going to upload pictures after I put them in the car. :D I want the car to be a little light, so I removed the rear seats.Other than this, the s13 I bought for my drift project was sold.I think I'm a bit of a bit of convenience at the price, but I don't care because I'm excited to start a new project.

-Mugen carbon looking front lip:-100V$
-Miracle X Cross bar:-75V$
-Sold S13:+12.250V$
New Project
A tip for my new project; A long-standing Japanese legend in a distant corner of Ebisu.It was prepared and used for Drift, but the owner didn't use it because he bought a new will be a really fun project for me. :-X

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