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# jdmkvng : ice bro,loking forward to the new heart

Ayo , thanks !

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# (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノWulfD. : You now have 2 skyline's... WOW

(off topic)
would love to you to post a mod pack of all the mods you use in SLRR.

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You now have 2 skyline's... WOW

(off topic)
would love to you to post a mod pack of all the mods you use in SLRR.

Actually i have only one Skyline , the other one is my friend´s skyline Lolololo .

(also there´s no need for that because every single mod i use you can easily find in the DL section of this site m8 ! )

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DC5R UPDATE ! ! ! 奥を維べュ

Well , as you guys saw on Rifky´s roleplay , last week he took it for a little drive and he (FINALLY H I H E) Started to work on his DC5R and man , it looks fucking amazing ( be sure to check out his roleplay First UwU ) However , a week ago my car was almost 100%
stock except for a few exterior upgrades it was stock , or i guess you could say OEM++ lmao ! Well , since the last week it changed a littlebit lmao ! First off , The front bumper and the hood are finally repained in the blue color instead of the championship white . However , i´ve decided to install
only the front bumper for now and eventually i will install the hood too in the future , when ? Who knows lmao , i´ve been really lazy lately so lets see when H I H E .

I also found a set of XT7´s that i´ve used back in the day on my old ER34 , which many of you remember ,
and i´ve decided to put them on the DC5R just for fun and just to see how they look like and to be honest boyos , it actually looks really good
and much more aggressive than the TE37´s and i fucking LOVE it . Is this actually my new wheels setup ? Hmmmm , Who knows , let´s see , i need to keep them for
a while on the car to see if they´ll grow on me or not but so far i really like them . The car with the splitter , canards , XT7´s and especially brand new Mugen Spoiler ( that i´ve bought from my good friend - the one with the mugen DC5R UwU )

AND , to balance out the new aggressive exterior look , i did some things
to the engine too and now boy oh boy , she rips !

*Hits rev limited , front wheels spinning*
*Vtec autistic screeching*
Braaaap braaaaapppp braaaaaaaaaaaaap

Holy shit what have i done to the engine ? Well , take a look :

A brand new Skunk2 K20 intake manifold and AEM Short Ram Intake ! Since the engine can breathe now much better
since the Skunk2 intake manifold is much bigger , the throtle is much more responsive and the car overall is MUCH more fun that it was before !
However , that´s not Everything that has been done to the car , i´ve also bought and installed a brand new K-Tuned fuel rail and Deatschwerks fuel injectors . As i´ve said when i´ve bought this car , i really want to supercharge this car in the future but for now , this should actually be enough with
few more upgrades , for example new cams , oil catch can , new clutch , ETC . Oh and i´ve almost forgot , i´ve also bought a carbon
fiber mugen Sparkplug cover and boy oh boy , it looks much better than the stock one !

Well , that´s everything that has been done to the DC5R for now UwU .
Later that day , one of my friends called me if i want to join them for a little , totally legal night ride H I H E .

*Half an hour later*

Mika´s brother came pick me up in his beautiful lhd ZN6 Toyota GT86 , such an amazing car ...

hmmm , Turbocharged FA20 ? ? ? H I H E nop , this ZN6 have a Built SR22VET NEO VVL inside making around 600HP !!!
Oooofff , what a monster , this car made me miss my ZN6 that i´ve sould to my uncle .
After few minutes of driving , we arrived at the secret place , Mexico H I H E .
oH MY another ZN6 ? OwO

Well , let´s start , shall we ? I hopped in the second ZN6 and the fun has started !

Night shenanigans 温ザト

Well , that´s the coverage from the last night , my camera died towards the end , F

As i´ve said in my last update , the engine for the V35 should be here on monday ( today ) AAAANNNDDD , i was heccin right !
But before we take a look on the engine and what engine i´ve decided to put in my Skyline , let´s go trough the parts
i´ve installed on the V35 , As many of you saw on AJ´s roleplay ( if not , be sure to check his roleplay ) , i´ve bought his set of Cerbs for my V35 !

Surprisingly , they fit perfectly ! However , that´s not the only exterior update that V35 got . I´ve bought a set of V35 Skyline Nismo sideskirts and V35 Skyline Nismo front bumper from a person from Tokyo !

And also , to be more stable in the car i´ve decided to buy some new seats for my car , to be exact , i´ve bought a set of Bride Brix I´s for a pretty reasonable price . Man , they not only look good but they also feel good and they are gonna hold me much better that the stock ones and boy oh boy i can´t fucking wait UwU !

But i guess you guys care much more about the engine and which engine i´ve decided to put in the
Skyline ! Well , here it is , freshly off the shop , still with few parts missing and packed in boxes !

Yup , A RB26DE...... H A H A nop , you got bamboozled H I H E .

I´ve decided to put a Built RB25DET NEO with a modified RB26 Headcover from a ER34 Skyline inside my 350GT CPV35 !
To be honest , i wasn´t sure which engine i´m gonna swap in my skyline but when this Built RB25DET NEO popped on my feed , i was sold on the idea of swapping a RB inside of a 350GT Skyline , or in US , well known Infiniti G35 . To be honest , this is such
a crazy idea , i have never seen a V35 with RB , except for my Friend´s Mika 350GT and that´s why i turned towards Mika with this project
because he done this already and he knows what he´s doing ? But , why RB25DET NEO ? Well , i already know about this engine from my ER34 and it was much
better idea to go with something that i know really well istead of working on something that i have never had my hands on and fuck up something .

As i´ve said , this engine is not Stock at all , initially this engine was built by a Skyline Shop in Osaka for their demo car but last minute they´ve decided to put in a SR20 inside and the RB sat in the back of the shop for 2 months . What´s been done to the engine ? Well , A LOT :

- Fully Stripped, cleaned and re-assembled
- Faced
- De-shrouded valves
- Ported exhaust ports (lump removed, blended, smoothed)
- Quench pads removed and combustion chamber blended (no sharp edges in the combustion chamber)
- R34GTR RB26 exhaust cam
- Tomei Cam Pulley
- Bored to 87.5mm
- Oil restrictors fitted
- Oil returns expanded by 1mm
- ARP Head Studs
- Cosworth Head Gasket
- RB26 Crank Shaft (checked and polished, never ground)
- Spool long nose oil pump drive collar (correctly interference fit)
- Eagle Connecting Rods with ARP Fastners
- Wiseco K591M875 Pistons (with fresh rings, obviously)
- ACL Big and Main Bearings
- Tomei Oil Pump
- RB25NEO Water Pump
- RB20 Oil filter housing
- Brand New OEM Cam Belt
- Brand new Plugs
- Running in oil (needs to do another 150 miles before removal/replacement)
- Genuine Nissan Gasket sealant used
- Genuine Nissan Gaskets/Seals used everywhere else

And few more stuff , this is the main list of the parts they gave me .

Well , but if the engine is already built , what are you gonna do with it ?
H I H E , just fine tune other stuff and most importantly , switch into a littlebit smaller turbo and new intercooler setup .

And for how much i´ve bought this engine ? 4 500V$ !! Pretty fucking good price fro a built RB25 NEO , isn´t it ? God , this is gonna be a fucking beast of a car when it´s gonna run , i can´t fucking wait to start this little boyo UwU .

Meanwhile i was working on the Skyline , Mika´s brother came in the Shop with his SR22VET ZN6 to install a new Varis hood ! Boy i can´t from this car , it looks fucking amazing .

Just look at the attention to the details !

Since i´ve already finished working on the RB25 install , i´ve decided
to help him with the install of the brand new hood .

And since his new sideskirts and also now his brand new hood are not painted , he decided to keep the car at the Benny´s to get the sideskirts and hood paintmatched to the car ! Oh boy , i can´t wait to see how it´s gonna look in one color when it looks fucking baller right now ! God , this ZN6 made me miss my ZN6 that i dumbass sold :c . But who knows what will be in the future or what´s my next project ? Maybe a SR20 swapped ZN6 ? Who knows ? Let´s see what will come in the next 2 or 3 months H I H E .

Mugen Spoiler - 550V$
Skunk2 K20 intake manifold and AEM Short Ram Intake - 700V$ in total
K-Tuned fuel rail - 165V§
Deatschwerks fuel injectors - 270V$
carbon fiber mugen Sparkplug cover - 120V$
Weds Cerberus II´s - 800V$
Bride Brix I´s - 1 200V$
Built RB25DET NEO - 4 500V$

47 119.06V$ - 8 305V$ = 38 814.06V$

Weekly paycheck - 940V$
Redesigned 10 Costumers Home interiors - 10 290V$

38 814.06V$ + 940V$ + 10 290V$ = 50 044.06V$

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