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Wangan runs and trackdays here we come! :))

I'm sure AJ's gonna enjoy the A5 with that much power and effort you've put in it ;)


And of course I'm kindly bumping the update here in case anyone doesn't bother looking back one page:
# Niatross :


From the title you can probably already guess what im starting this weeks update off with. Past Wednesday after work i wasnt feeling as tired as normal. Maybe its because of that strong cup of coffee that Eiichi-kun (one of my well-acquainted Nismo mechanics) had offered me at 7p.m. but whatever the reason, i decided to make do of the energy. Called up Daijiro-san again for a chilly evening Dyno appointment. Unfortunately his shop was rather packed that day so the only way would have to be going over at about 10:30 p.m., and he'd stay a bit over time for me. Welp, since its an overdue matter, i decided to take the chance nonetheless.

Fired and warmed the Supra up once again for the week. To go fetch some concrete evidence of just how much thrust she's putting out.

After a 20 minute lovely drive with whirlwinds of turbo sounds and cool near-midnight wind in my head, i arrived at Dai-san's place.
Was a bit worried the car wouldnt clear the ramp to the dyno and i'd have to take the bumper off and shit, but it turns out it cleared it, by just a hair.

Right then, locked and loaded, computer connected to the PowerFC ECU for monitoring, hood popped.


In a matter of seconds as Dai-san began to get on the throttle, the rather LOUD yet beautiful sounds of the 1JZ VVTi and the Greddy T78 turbo filled the whole shop, and maybe some of the outside neighborhood too. And its not just, this car likes to shoot quite some flames on decel and those create QUITE SOME SOUND!

AND NOW, THE NUMBERS. cue drumroll.......

621HP, 607 lb-ft !

dunno bout you, but for me thats already MORE THAN ENOUGH! the goal with the build being somewhere around 550hp, im very VERY happy with this power figure (and keep in mind its still on stock pistons!) Marc has done a splendid job on the ECU tune. Gotta treat the mans with some food xD

Most of the 621Hp, or loss-calculated 530WHP through the rear wheels, kick in at above like 4000RPM, with the Rev limit being set at 7300. The spool up time is a bit long as you'd expect with a build like this, but when the turbo does spool up, the KICK IS INSANE!


On my last update i mentioned this car now awaits an Aftermarket FMIC. Well i finally got delivery of a kit and secured it on in 30mins. The kit in question is an Airtec full FMIC bolt-on kit, which replaces the stock one with a traditional higher flowing aluminium FMIC.

And now it comes to explaining that header. If you're not already familiar with it, AJ (RocketBunnyS13) recently sold his daily driver, a 2018 Honda Civic FC1, and there was nothing yet to fill that gap on his collection of cars. And another fact was, he's more of an Audi-loving and knowing guy than i am. And on my side, while the A5 was a GREAT car for daily usage, i kinda had the craving for something spicier, more raw again. Cuz in the end, the daily driver is the car i'll interact with the most throughout the days. So over dinner one day, we came to middle grounds and i offered AJ to buy my car. At first he resisted, but in the end when i explained my sudden craving, he agreed to take the car happily, being the Audi-head that he is. We agreed upon a price of V$ 12,000 due to all the restoration work and mods that has gone into the car. The only thing i retained ownership of was the whole set of the Nismo LMGT1's, which i'd like to utilise on the 200SX in the future. later on i put the car back on the SSR Type-C's and just like that yet another of my cars goes to AJ!

Goodbye then, you've been a great car to drive for the past month and a half.


(dead asf meme but ok)

Ever just come across a deal thats way too good to pass, regardless of what happens after you make the purchase? yeah, this is one of those cases.

Say hello to the new show-car build, a member of a chassis that i ABSOLUTELY ADORE!
A 1998 Toyota Chaser JZX100 Tourer S!

Starting off with the technical stuff, this is a Tourer S, i.e. automatic, 1JZ-GE powered. Bone-effin-stock. and this one doesnt have the optional aero kit as well. but apart from the engine and transmission, and said aero kit, AFAIK everything on this car is the same as you'd get on the much more sought-after Tourer V models (1JZ-GTE M/T ones)

i already have a handful of builds going on, so why did i buy this car you may ask. Well, like i already said, i got a MAD deal for it in this condition and i simply COULD NOT turn it down. here's the original ad-

YES, THAT IS AN ACTUAL VERIFIED ONLY 37,XXX KILOMETRES. (or 22,XXX miles), for a price of JUST V$2690!

How on earth is it going for that price then? well simple answer, it was owned by an old man since brand new and apparently he didnt have anyone to pass the car forward to, nor did he have use of selling it at about double the price. So here it was, in absolute pristine condition, going for a STEAL of a price, and here i was, lucky enough to scoop it!

The interior is as i said, PRISTINE. Basically everything works and theres sign of basic wear and tear only bc of the cars age.

Exterior wise the paint was in average condition. theres not many swirls here and there and a wash and polish should bring it up back to brand new condition! (that is if i dont wrap/respray it. We'll see xD)

Plans for the car? Well im for sure gonna do a full Tourer V drivetrain swap. 1JZ-GTE, R154, all of it. And then maybe i'll try to achieve a good stance along with overall good looks, for a simple street cruiser that i can take to meets every now and then. Oh and if the E36 is down, i can take it drifting too! But yes, i absolutely LOVE the Toyota X-chassis in general and probably would've gotten one in the future even if this deal didnt exist xD
And also now that the A5 is sold, i can daily drive it for a few days to a week. After that, maybe i'll cover it up and park it for a while to concentrate on other builds? Maybe i'll set the 200SX aside to focus on this one first? idk, we shall see!

Anyways, guess that concludes todays update. As always, thank you for dropping by! ;)

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