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# jdmkvng : Nice skyline,help me source one an di will happily buy it
Also,i see a mustang peeking out

Thanks ! I mean you can get a rebadged 350GT CPV35 as a Infiniti G35 LOLOLOLO .

Yeah , one of my really good friends came to my shop few days ago and he owns a LS swapped Mustang UwU

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# BigSmoke : Welp the car shopping spree is unstopppable! :))
I'd say get some air purifier to get rid of the cigar and that 'old man' odor

Since you're throwing the VQ away, what are you going to put inside the engine bay?
A bit of shame really, since JUN stroker kit is all you (might) need to bump the power output. There are some bolt-on turbo kits as well iirc, but that's if you want to go to turbo route. How did I know this? I was considering to buy a Z33 before I stumbled on the S15 I ended up recently buying :D

Car shopping spree lmaoooo . JK lolololo .
I´ve deeply cleaned the interior and i´ve also put a lot of air fresheners in the interior and the Odor is gone !

Honestly at first i was thinking about keeping the VQ and Turbocharning it or putting a stoker kit but i´m not really used to VQ engines and after a chat with my good friend Mika - the RB25DET NEO swapped CPV35 , i´ve decided to go with a well known engine that i have some experiences with .

OwO Z33 is a really good option for a project car m8 . Anyways , i love your Ichigo ! :cheers:

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# Soju : That's actually a nice find!

I could get the "same" car as Infiniti G35 here, but there are lots of minor different details :)

Ayo , thanks !I´m very happy with my find to be honest .

They are fucking amazing , you really should get one !

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# Sleepin mOnkey : yooo a skyline arround good luck with this one m8

Ayeeeeee , thank you ! I´m gonna need a lot of luck with this project lmaooo

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Update part 2 ツハ蒸

Aye , let´s just jump right into the part 2 , shall we ? :lol:
First off , last week´s recap of what happened , starting off with my RPS13 !

Yeah , a " little " exterior change since the last time you saw , starting off with the stickers - i went just
a littlebit sticker crazy on the car , well not really sticker crazy , i´ve just put a few era correct stickers on the car just to
finish off the overall look of the car . Moving to the front , a brand new Ebay lip for the Chuki front bumper and ALSO Chuki
Ebay sideskirts , maybe a littlebit 2 much aggressive for this stage of the build but i personally think it looks really nice , especially with the new "shoes" that are
on the car - 15´´ Watanabe´s on the front that i´ve recently bought off Sleepy and borrowed rear rims from my Uncle - i
was about to buy them but i´m not a biggest fan of how they looks so i´m not sure if i´m gonna keep them or not . Also as you could see through the driver side window ,
i´ve decided to buy another Nardi steering wheels for one of my cars AGAIN ! I just can´t help myself , Tein coilovers and Nardi steering wheel is a staple of my builds as you could see lmao .

Moving to the back , some of you may noticed that my RPS13 180SX actually had a Euro spec rear bumper ! Well , last week i went
to a little UpGarage " trip " and thankfully i´ve found a OEM JDM style RPS13 rear bumper and also a Type-X rear lip for a pretty
reasonable price - 400V$ in total ! Hecc , the JDM rear bumper looks much better than the euro spec one , the euro
spec rear bumper is actually a littlebit longer and in my opinion littlebit more ugly and bulky lmao .
( Thanks AJ for noticing lmao )
Also , there´s something new in the back too ! -Custom Bosozoku inspired ( not really ) screampipes that i did and i´m really proud of them and my welding job !

As i´ve said 2 weeks ago , the JZA80 went through a little refresh , to be exact , a brand new Do-luck Hood and Brand new Blitz intercooler !
Personally i like the Do-Luck hood a lot more than the OEM JZA80 hood . It kinda looks like a Euro hood but a lot better and a
lot more cleaner than the euro spec hood ! Also can we appreciate how good the brand new Blitz intercooler looks like and how T H I C C it is ? A really T H I C C B O Y UwU

Oh and also , as you could see , the TCII´s are sitting on some really serious M E A T - 255/35R18 90Y Toyo Proxes R888R !!!
But why such a grippy and pretty expensive tires for a Street drift car / daily ? Well , pretty simple , the JZA80 is no longer gonna be a simple street car , i´m actually gonna put some more effort and a lot of money into this car and prepare it for a 2019
D1SL competition ! Since i´m (Hopefully) Gonna enter this years D1SL comp with this car , i´ve decided to
go with the R888R´s because they are designed primarily for use in dry conditions for competition or closed course use but retains
enough void area for confident wet weather and street use.

Well , that´s everything that happened last week before i´ve actually bought my CPV35 Skyline ! Now
let´s catch up to things that happened this week , shall we ? Starting off with a visit at Benny´s - But why ? Egghhhhh , actually guys at Benny´s offered
themself with helping me with the CPV35 project and from my previous experiences in the past with them , i know that they work as fast as possible and
their work is extremely detailed and really high quality . So when the´ve asked me if i need help from them on this project i´ve said yes to them with
confidence because i know that they are extremely good with their work ! But how the car looks right now ? Last
time you saw it , it smelled like a old people and cigs and 100% Stock . What about now , Week later ? Well , a " littlebit " different , the interior
smells lovely now , the guys at Benny´s already pulled out the VQ out of the car and i´ve installed a Tein Street basis Z coilovers and PBM
MAX Super angle kit For G35 / V35 / Z33 chassis - Lower parts only - but i think for now it should be enough . Let me guys know if i
should buy a lot more stuff for some angle or not , in my opinion this should be enough for a street drifting / Ebisu / Nikko sesh !

And here you can see all the poke and the front camber that the PBM angle kit gave me !

I´ve decided to keep the coilover on the highest setting for now since i dont have rolled
out fenders yet and the car still sits on the stock tires and wheels - and simply just to move the car around the shop a littlebit easier .

For now , the CPV35 was moved to the back of the shop because we are still waiting for the engine ,
it hopefully could be here on monday but let´s see !

Ebay Chuki lip - 70V$
Ebay Chucki sideskirts - 150V$
OEM JDM RPS13 rear bumper and Type-X valances - 400V$
Do-Luck JZA80 hood - 470V$
Blitz JZA80 2JZ intercooler - 450V$
PBM Max Super angle kit for Z33 / V35 Chassis - 900V$
Tein Street basis Z coilovers - 670V$

50 889.46V$ - 3 110V$ = 47 779.46V$

Weekly paycheck - 940V$

47 779.46V$ + 940V$ = 48 719.46V$

Bought From Sleepy -

15´´ Watanabe´s - 900V$

Bought brand new -

255/35R18 90Y Toyo Proxes R888R - 700.04V$

48 719.46V$ - 900V$ - 700.40V§ = 47 119.06V$

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