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I fucking love german cars on Japanese wheels , great wheel choice man !

SO DO I! thanks man :D

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# MACKAY : We should hit that spot to eat out more often haha, I really enjoyed and I am sure I will be going there more often, lets make it a spot for crew to meet. :))

But damn man, I am glad that you enjoyed your time with the GTR', and I can't thank you enough for taking it to Omori for all those things, saved me a bunch of time and you also get to do cool shit and experience new things, so win win situation for both of us, will definitely be visiting Omori more in upcoming months. Also spending day with the E46 helped me quite a lot too with S54' build, I have all the right photos and info that I needed, way better than driving around looking for shit or sourcing the net, hands on experience is the way.

As for the "race car" GTR', nah it ain't transforming from wangan car to track car, it will stay true to its roots but in more extreme way haha.

You dude are putting jap wheels on euro cars and I been putting euro wheels on JDM cars haha, nonetheless it looks fucking good not to mention that I can't wait to see your Supra in all its glory after makeover.

Hell yea! its a great meetup spot for the bois! good food, not that crowded, central japan vibes! :))

Thank YOU for letting me enjoy it my dude! it was an absolute blast to drive that beauty even under 6000RPM! and im glad the E46 helped you out too! Hyped for what becomes of your S54 build now

OHHHH that explains it. The carbon and deleted headlights got me thinking its gonna become some Time Attack monster xD

JDM wheels on EU/US cars a sort of a blessing to me ngl :)) thanks btw! much love

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# Shez : Boiii these cars really gave me a big nuttt

Also, it's fun to meet you, AJ, Big Smoke on our new year's eve. Let's meet again sometimes!


Aye it was great to meet you too! and since you're now in Tokyo as well, we rly should meet up much often ;)

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The past weeks have rather surprisingly seen quite a lot of progress on my cars. All of them have one change or two done, and now here i am to update y'all with it!


On my last update i left it off with a new exhaust and wheels, and a missing rear diffuser. Well now my new OEM style, twin exit rear diffuser had arrived and i put it on there using the same bolts that holstered the old, single exit one.

except if you look closer, the hood is opened. You may ask why the hood is open for a diffuser install. and well thats where it gets interesting. The diffuser isnt the ONLY part new part that this car has recently gotten. We're now looking at a new APR Carbonio intake kit, as well as, finally, a CHIEF component in tuning these sorts of cars, an APR Stage 2 ECU Chip kit. Which essentially utilises the bolt-ons to their maximum, aside from actually removing the engines production-bottlenecks. following a retune, with the boltons and that chip im already looking at somewhere over 280hp. How much did it actually make? more on that a bit later!

Following the 1 and a half hour long installation of the ECU chip, and a 20min installation of the new intake and diffuser, i gave the car a full Oil change (Mobil1 5W40 synthetic) and Coolant change which was also overdue. And then off i was to get it retuned!

Right then. Arrived, loaded up, strapped down, time for below-4500rpm base runs!

After the base runs were noted and the tuners computer had all the required info, it was time for the actual retune. Was expecting it to be quite a tricky one for the tuner, Daijiro-san. A japanese man who you'd think mostly tunes japanese cars. But apparently he's tuned a handful of Mk6 and Mk7 VW Golfs as well around here. and some BMW's too! The A5 containing basically the same powerplant as the Golfs, he knew his way around it

I was a bit on-the-edge when he was retuning the car, hoping i hadn't messed up anywhere on the ECU chip installation, even though i had triple-checked the installation manuals during the process. In the end, turned it i didnt mess up, fortunately

As Daijiro-san did continued doing his magic, the cars sound and presence was starting to change dramatically! It now had a deeper, more aggressive sound coming out of that 2.0T, as well as an essential in these cars, POPS AND BANGS! its basically a symphony at deceleration. Oh and not to mention the occasional small flames!

Alright then, after almost an hour of tinkering around, the final result was a pretty healthy

305hp, 347 lb-ft!

Almost 25hp more than i had expected, and ofc that LOVELY torque number! ngl, very pleased with the results! but apparently thats not even all yet. Dai-san said the tune is currently a bit bottlenecked, by the Stock intercooler. He's tuned it to accomodate an aftermarket FMIC, which would further boost the power to an estimated 320hp! W E W

With that all done, Dai-san warned me to not get on it too hard too many times unless i want to blow the stock intercooler up in the middle of the road, but well one or two redlines wouldnt harm (FMIC should be coming for this car next). I then thanked him for his services another time, paid him what was due, and set off for WestKyo.

Upon getting on the freeway, it was basically my DUTY to check out how the car felt upon full throttle now. AND BOY OH BOY IS IT GOOD
minus the drivetrain loss, we got about 285ish HP going through all 4 wheels of a mid-1400 kg Audi. It was very zippy and produced all the right noises! the stock turbo is a rather small quick spooling one too so it wasnt all high end power. Upon decel, pops and bangs! upon shifting, subtle DSG coughs! (or DSG farts as the internet calls it). its an all around lovely daily driver now, safe to say!


this ol' girl has had a bit of an unfortunate incident a few weeks ago, as you may have seen on BigSmokes thread. (if not, WHAT EVEN ARE U DOING HERE RN SMH). If you recall, a Sake-influenced teen on a Prius stormed towards us on the wrong side of the road. while Smoke and AJ could barely maneuver away, i was lucky, yet not-lucky. I DID maneuver away. But just not early enough.

As both Smoke and AJ turned away, the Prius drivers slowed-down brain finally noticed he was on the wrong side. He moved sharply to the right, and so did i. And heres where my small portion of good luck came in, the Prius' rear left door brushed my front bumper as we both turned opposite. He didnt stop, in fact he floored it and disappeared before we could get a hold of him, while i drove straight up a footpath which wasnt crowded at that hour. it being slightly higher than my car is, the front splitter got ripped off. And the pressure from the adhesive caused the whole front bumper to tilt upwards a bit. wheres my luck in here you ask? well this could've ended much, MUCH worse if the Prius driver didnt notice me. (could've even resulted in my M3 getting totalled. YIKES)

After getting my breath back from the incident that just went down, i looked at the car properly to realize its not THAT bad damage either. in fact its only just the whole front bumper assembly that needs to be replaced (or even just repainted) and im set. I was initially on the verge of ETERNAL DEPRESSION, but after looking clearly, its all good thankfully. i took the splitter off, put it in the back seats, and drove back home.

A few days later, i decided since the car needs a new bumper now, i might as well use this for a FULL overhaul of the car which is quite over-due now. What i mean is, finally turning it to a track toy that i initially bought the car for. starting with the front bumper i slowly began to take the car apart.


This is how she sits at the moment!

A bit of weird sight but yes, its now stting on R16 STEELIES that came with a certain other car (you'll see what in a bit OuO). Where'd the RG2's go? well they're currently off for a tire change. for the purpose its being built, the current Potenza's on the RG2's wouldnt have sufficed. Maybe i'll use Toyo R888's? Maybe ADVAN AD08's? we'll see!

aside from that the stock seats are also out of the car, to ofc make room for smth more track oriented.

if you browse your eyes through this photo, you'll notice the exhaust is missing. Well im on the process of fabbing up my own custom exhaust setup for this car too! Stock one was a bit too quiet apart from the obvious bottlenecks. And then theres smth you cant see that deems the car completely undrivable as of now, the Fuel tank is currently off the car too. Why is that? well im also gonna fab up some easy-to-make rear subframe reinforcement pieces. To counter the common faulty rear subframe issues that plague the whole E46 lineup.

The car will also need coilovers and maybe a new optional big brake kit. Gonna have to brainstorm a bit about what route to go for those but yeah, for now, this is how she sits! gradually getting converted to a track racer!


Remember on my last update a few weeks ago, where i showed a certain Calypso Red BMW E36 325i that MACKAY was building for one of his friends?


Say hello to my new personal Drift car! the chassis often nicknamed the German S13 in the Euro drift scene, now in Japan! like i already said, its an E36 325i, Calypso Red. Exterior mods being M3 mirrors and an M3 wing.

Under the hood its powered by a 2.5 liter i6 M50B25 engine. Originally auto, now converted to a ZF 5speed manual, bone-stock otherwise with just shy of 190hp.

interior wise everything is still pretty much stock and in average condtion apart from an M3 steering wheel.

You may ask, if the engine is stock and so is the interior, what did MACKAY even do to the car? well his work lies in the suspension! the car currently sits on 17" Volk TE37's that i traded with AJ like a month or two ago. came with some 225 kumho's all around. they were collecting dust for all this time and i finally found good use for them!
As for said MACKAYS work, the car has fully redone by-hand knuckles and tie rods up front. To give more than enough angle to toss the thing around Ebisu nishi for instance. It also got a welded 3.91 rear differential. im basically looking at a coilover install, engine boltons and im set to slide it about with huge smiles on my face. Hell i could probably take it to an event RIGHT NOW and have some pure grass roots fun, but its just the body roll from the stock springs would be a bit on the bad side xD

The price i paid? a very modest V$4500 for this grass roots drift package! Ngl thanks for hooking me up Mac!


As you may have seen on AJ's thread (if not, again, WHAT R U DOIN HERE FAM), a few weeks ago the guy got given a MAD deal of not one, but TWO EU-spec Nissan 200SX's by Bosnian resident, and our friend Ben (Phonexius) for only like 4500$. One was the legit build, which came with a CA18DET (albeit off the car but ready to go in), and the other one which was used a parts donor for said legit build. Since AJ wouldnt rly need the parts donor, i decided i'd claim it!

Here we are then! 1990 Nissan 200SX rolling shell. LHD, pretty busted paint (swirls everywhere), mostly missing front, mostly missing interior, cut rear quarters, mostly missing rear end.

Looking at it i can already tell this will be a ROLLERCOASTER of a build just because of how blank it is rn. condition wise, beforehand when the car arrived it was dirty, like VERY dirty. Dirtier than AJ's one was. but well i took my time to give it a full wash before presenting it to y'all. not like it made a big difference cuz it still looks like a POS xD it has some small patches of rust by where the rear subframe is. but apart from that its pretty much rust free. the small patches are fully repairable. the car is still pretty much one color apart from the mismatched fender there, which also has two missing bolts, hence the bent fitment.

It came on stock zenki 4lug teardrops that are in pretty shitty condition as well. and stock suspension with stock brakes. both of which are probably also busted rn.

Inside, like i said, a LOT is missing. The front and rear seats, stock carpeting, multimedia unit, doorcars are all gone. apart from that, it still has the roof liner, the side panels of the rear seats, and the trunk carpeting.

Instead of the front passenger seat there, it has a stock sharknose front bumper thats all cracked and mangled xD

And ofc lastly we have the empty engine bay. A LOT of thinking has gone into what i want sitting in here, hurling the car around whatever its moving though. But finally i think i have made up my mind. You'll see it all in good time!


As i have told the previous iteration which lasted like a week grew out of me pretty quickly. the whole thing just didnt flow right. Hence i decided i would switch it up PRONTO in an attempt to make the looks match the grunt.

Did i pass at that? did i fail? you let me know!

Here we are bois!

Just like the 200SX's engine choice, this cars looks occupied a LOT of my mind lately. i got carried away at work quite a few times just thinking what sort of look i want on it, what sort of livery would fit it best, what bodykit is the way to go, and so on. In the end, THIS is what it came down to. Replacing the old white wrap with a simple, yet aggressive Grey, and ofc the heap of body mods it now has.

Starting off with the rear end, where ive decided to be a bit of a madman, i cut the dual tip off of the straight pipe exhaust, and cut a hole on the rear bumper to route the exhaust through it instead. it took a lot of work and it was quite complicated but in the end i managed to barely work it out! then i cut another hole in the middle for a functional tow hook just in case, and lastly, to top it off, a fully functional metal diffuser. been working on designing this diffuser for quite a long while now and it finally came to fruition! the rear end now looks like a full on racecar, while the rest of the body still has hints of street-car on it. Now ik the rear stock bumper doesnt exactly line up well with the bodykit otherwise, but its a sacrifice i willed to make for the functional diffuser xD

Oh and ofc the old Regulus wing is off the car already, and it currently rocks a custom GT-wing that took a lot of sourcing to find.

and now to the rest of the body, which also rocks parts that took a lot of sourcing, it has an old-style BOMEX front bumper, and Kaminari sideskirts now. i also got some stock Spec-G tiny overfenders to compliment the wheel fitment a bit more. (speaking of the wheels, the tyres are now switched to Toyo R888's. the old tyre setup was sold at an UpGarage!). And we have a new stock-style Carbon fiber hood with race hoodpins on it, sourced from the UpGarage where i sold my old tires.

And the last new mod for new is actually one for the interior. A MOMO Trek steering wheel. which reminds me that the car needs gauges and other interior equipment like ASAP too. Gotta mount up the PowerFC controller as well damn. but yeah, all in good time hopefully

After the installation of the gauges, i can finally take the car to a dyno for a power number (which is also long overdue at this point smh)I might also end up adding some small part manufacturer stickers here and then on the body. We'll see!

I think that wraps up todays update. As always, thank you very much for stopping by! enjoy this photobomb of the Supra's current iteration! ;)

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