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Jk mates, i'm not leaving the world, i'm saying goodbye to the VQ37VHR because i need an engine that has a better reliability

YES! I'm getting a new engine for my Skyline, no more fuel waster and overheats

So i spent $2995,00 for the JZA80s legendary heart, the 2jay ^_^

Okay, so i'm just going straight to get the engine out rn

After a few mins.....

The 2Jay finally fits the thing, now i just have to take care of the rest for now^_^...

After a couple mins of welding and whatever it is...

Everything is finally in place!! UwU, i'm so happy for now :3..

Now we're ready to rock again, i'm just soooooo goddamn happy because it really fits the bay :D

The Test...

I also took the Skyline to the local shop to check if everything's okay and to dyno test the car.And the result is sooo..pleasing, no problems at all and the engine gave me this number

It may be 3hp slower than the VQ37 but yeaa....i not going to doubt about Toyota's reliability and fuel efficiency. And yeah who cares tho, its just 3hp.

{That's it for today's thread,come again later ^_^}

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