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Okayy quick rp uptade on what has happened in those couple of days. First of all my baby has new shoes! They're BBS LM's that had been widened by the previous owner. I just bought new tires for them. Next, I went to my local parts store and got the kidneys with ///M belts on them, yellow foil for the inner headlights and foglights, hella 3000 rally lamps and nice covers for them, mtech 1 replica spoiler, a tsurikawa, a gearknob with ///M belts embeded into it amd finally a cone air filter and a gold-ish spray for the headcover. In total they costed me 611V$. I then went to get my mate to make me a custom-ish exhaust that was pretty much a 3.5" pipe with some bends. I paid him 500V$ and now the engine has a nice purr to it and if I am lucky it also pops! :D The next day my priority packages from the uk came. They consisted of a wooden nardi + an adapter to make it fit, a bride seat along with the mounting rails, ke70 mirrors which I mounted on the front fenders and the best part - rear windshield louvers. Now all the car needs is a tune and possibly better coilovers. Oh and I did fix the rustspots, thankfully there weren't many of them so I fixed them in one evening.

and here you can see how hard it is for me to daily drive this thing because of the lowlow's

Click on pic to open my RP!