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Big chance

I have been working intensively since last weeks.In this time, I finished the engine swap which is important in my drift project,I bought new gauges and made connections.I've designed a custom front tube and painted the engine bay black.The engine is working without problems, all adjustments are made but still not ready to drift.I have important parts to buy.

Trust gauges:-300V$
A'pexi Power FC:-500V$
Used HKS Boost Controller:-350V$
Used HKS Intercooler With Piping Kit HKS:-280V$
Sold SR20DE Engine:+1.800V$
Sold R33 Kakimoto exhaust:+200V$
Sold R33 Brembo Brake system:+2.800V$

Made for R34

The original look has become very ordinary and boring for me,I decided to make small changes :D . I started with the wheels first and bought BBS LM & Michelin Pilot Sport R18.I really like the new looking :-X .I will continue to buy new parts over time.

BBS LM & Michelin Pilot Sport R18:-2.600V$

New garage

It's time I changed my old garage because it was small.Now I wanted to make bigger projects and I think this place will give me a good opportunity.Not only for business, but for the hobby garage.Anyone wanting to visit can come :) .

X3 Paycheck:+2.820V$

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