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Damn man! Supra looks so good, white cars are fast cars, right? :thumbsup: Since I am "back" while being a functional human being let's go for a cruise on a Tokyo expressway, I can already imagine how good our cars will look side by side. ♥

Talking about our cars I would be really down to go for a rip on Tsukuba in our BMW's, both so colorful like aaah, lets organize something for March or something, cause I doubt that my E36' will be running properly sooner that spring.. :rolleyes:

And that Audi was a steal man, even though I am not a fan yours looks good as fuck, can't wait to see some proper changes on it man, *hint* *hint*.

Also congratulations of landing a job in Omori Factory man! It is definitely a dream come true, so now keep working hard and maybe they will let you touch the Z-Tune one day haha! Gonna pay you visit ASAP, and since you are working here please organize me brand new V-Spec II badge.. :rolleyes:

Much loves from me my dude!