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Been a while i guess?..
A friend of mine who came here as a Foreign Exchange Student recently visited and offered me to go to the UK with him and stay for a week or so experiencing the culture over there.

Well i excitedly took that offer. Now i landed maybe a day ago? (Jet Lag is killing me) We already have found a meet to go to. A pretty big meet i must say tbh. Luckily i have a car while im here.. It's pretty different to rickety old jap crap lmao.. Soo it's a 2004 Seat Leon Cupra R MK1 225. I must admit the 1.8 20 Valve Turbo is amazing to say its only a 4 banger. 225hp is fairly good to say the age of it nowadays. I researched the engine slightly and there is so many variations of it that i got so confused, i eventually figured out that this is the BAM engined 1.8T.

Either way its nice and tbh its suitably modified.

Excuse the fact it has no plates, we took em off for the pics since he does do some kinda hoodlum activity in it. *OOC its actually because the mod has somewhat clapped plate slots which i dont wanna fix atm lmao*

Soo expect some pics soon! Peace out boyz
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