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Hammer time!

I've been fiddling around with my cars the last weekend but then i remembered that the Mark 2 was sitting there for quite a while. I've barely even driven it until now because of a trip to Japan. And i didn't really have time to check everything out on it after it was imported to the States. So i thought that it would be good to do some maintenance on it! First i went to the store and bought new motor oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid and a few other bits and pieces. Later i noticed the muffler which was dented as all hell, i'd seen that as soon as we got the car but totally forgot it lol. I didn't feel like buying a new one so i tried to get it back in shape. After plenty of hammering, welding and pulling it started to look like it's supposed to. It's far from perfect but oh well, it's something.

When the muffler was fixed and the fluids were replaced i took the Mark 2 for a drive around LA. Even if it has a completely stock NA 2JZ it sounds really good with that exhaust! I also noticed that i turned a few heads sometimes but those were probably some JDM fanboys. I like that it's a very rare and special car in USA but at the same time it looks like an ordinary Toyota sedan! Well the fact that it's right hand drive might raise some eyebrows in the first place.

That's all for now, however stay tuned for later updates because tomorrow i'm going to Bosnia with Phonexius to help in his cousin's tuning shop. I've been on a lot of trips lately (too many to be honest) but it's always fun, i've also been in Bosnia once but Phonexius told me that we will take part in building some sick projects so i'm looking forward to that! :D