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50 Shades Of Grey
No! its not some sexed up film,its my new car! A friend of mine was building a ZN6 that was in a wreck,the frontend was basically fucked,he got a front end,skirts,muffler new steering wheel etc. All he needed was an engine,but he had a family crisis and he is now broke,he offered it to me for 8,000V$,i felt bad taking it but what the hell,i did. I sold my previous ZN6 (because i was stoopid) and i sorta missed it,but anywho it didnt have any wheels so i had to borrow some IS300 stock wheels from a friend with a lexus,car is fitted with Koni coilovers its an excellent deal,here she is

Swap suggestions?

I cant drift but im planning to go full on drift with it...i also got some stickers that i will install in next update

Different business

So two things,my EG will now be painted,can you guess the color im gonna get? its gonna be rad. and my skyline got a kit but thats for the next update

See yaal later

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# BigSmoke : Happy new year man! The TE37 fits the EG very well! :thumbsup:
Thank you,i had to get a change from BBS

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# Soju : Happy new year! And your rides look so good!
Thank you bro

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# Nightrunner : God , the ER34 looks fucking good !
Style up soon boiii