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Good morning......
The W126 is almost compleat but its ready for doing some doriftos :D

For this build I went with a 13B as you could notice by the spoiler alert video I posted :D . It was a crate engine with all the mods installed and modified, just install it and drift the car....

The engine costed me V$6500, it makes 550HP which is pretty good enough for the car for drifting, the car will be going trough a setup phase now by a proffessional drift tuner, cause in few days I am boarding a plane with my mate Lagano we are going to Bosnia to help out my cousn with his tuning shop that he opened in Tuzla. I will post a lot of photos of the cars that we build there and of course there will be a car that I will drive and modify a bit to match my needs :D

I will stay till April in Bosnia so there won't be any news on my rides till then ;)

Enjoy some W126 13B photos (I smell a lot of b****ing about a 13B in a merc but who cares ;) )

Press on photo

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