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Going Bad

Just a quick update to wish you all a happy and productive new year while reminding you all that I ain't dead. Long story short I disappeared from the scene after last big meet at Ebisu and lost all the contact with you guys as all of you haven't seen me, talked with me or heard of me and my whereabouts even though I am sure most of you have seen my 34GTR' wandering around or in Tokyo and Yokohama expressways, as far as I remember there was quite a few familiar cars which I am not going to name trying to pull up to have a chat but every time it ended up me accelerating away and disappearing in to the highway while ignoring all the friendly encounters.. I been and I am still going trough a lot of shit, so I am just taking my time to reflect on my personal life. Lack of proper updates, lack of contact with everyone and staying low-key as possible, that's just how things goes right now. I hope I will be able to find some time to properly update you guys about my situation in near future and 2019' in general. No promises this time but I will try my best, so for now good luck to everyone and try to stay sane in 2019, peace guys.