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Where do i begin?
Heyah guys,its 2019! Happy new year to yaal sooo i styles up my cars for the new year,skyline got new wheels EG Kswap is in!,and new tailights and muffler for the daily (EJ)

So starting with the skyline. I was wondering what rims would be nice for it,i asked at the rim shop and the guy showed me some Advan TC3III i was hesitant at frist but i said eh imma risk it,so i bought them and i left them to be installed at the shop,i drove the EJ over there to check it out,my friend drove it to burgerking before i got there and used his Note 8 to take some pics

I got to the shop around 11:45pm,i headed over to the waterfront where the guys from the pier were preparing for fireworks,at 12,the place lit tf up,i left my camera so my Iphone X had to do the trick

Was one of the most enjoyable experiences ever,but on to my EG,the Kswap was in from last december but it wasnt wired as yet,on new years eve the electricians were hard at work,but anyway shes has a K in now,AEM fuel rail no major goodies yet but more to come,I added some stickers (for some reason the are pale) and a neochrome wrap around my headlights with is illegal but hey YOLO (and get tickets daily),also some sick ass recaro seats, new wing but also,my previous BBS rims were too heavy so i traded with a dude for some TE37s but here she is tho!

I went to walmart and some guys were checking her out so i popped the hood,the were a bit suprised to see a K series inside,oh u might be wondering,new bumper? yeah i tore it off on the way out of my drive way so i had to revisit the junkyard lmao


And last but not least my EJ got a lil pipe and crystal taillights

A happy and prosperous new year from me and all my cars to you

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# DEADMANE : Sick deal dude! RWD Skylines are the best Skylines ;) Super clean
For sureeeee bro,sadly i cant drift

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# DEADMANE : Sick deal dude! RWD Skylines are the best Skylines ;) Super clean
For sureeeee bro,sadly i cant drift

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# BigSmoke : Ahh sad to see the Evo gone :(

But hey at least the brightside is very, very bright: Not only you got an R34, you got a lot of cash to mod it as well! :D
Lol im really a subbie guy but i might buy a evo 8 later down

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# Soju : That's a nice find! I thought that R34 is so much like mine :))
Lol does it?

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# RocketBunnyS13 : Ayyy straight up to the R34 from an Evo, solid upgrade! Digging the EJ2 as well as the EG.
Thanks bro