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Thanks for all the love for the 852.

@BigSmoke - Yeap it underwent a serious mod this time

@Smurf - Tbh mine goes as a cloud it is perfect for my daily purpouses

@Soju - Well it ain't the R version but there is stuff in plan for this car its gonna be better then the R :D

The volvos body work was intact, allways gonna buy Arizona cars :D, since we didn't had any repairs I went on and helped the shop guys to mount the body kit.
For this mod I used a shop again due me not having enough time to do it my self so I am trying to get all runing and looking fine and then spend a lot of time modifying them by my self like I use to do.....

So when we took all the body parts of the 850, the guys cutted the front in half and then widened it, a little bit on the sides and a bit more in the middle, also all molding were removed and the parts were painted.

These guys have a guy here which projects everything in 3d programs on the pc and then it prints out the body parts on a huge 3D Printer, thats why the body kit and all the small stuff V$4500 and painting V$1000, and V$500 for all the laborer hours spent!

It is barely noticable but the car got widened a lot in the front and back, the rear doors were buffed out and shaved no more door handles on them.
- Beny isn't your volvo a daily won't you sometimes need the rear doors???
- Yep it is a daily, thats why the door release mechanisam is mounted on the B post, so after u open the drivers or passenger door there is a button which you press so the back door unlaches and opens 10cm so its easy to grab the door and just pull it towards you.
Also headlights, tail lights and windows went trough tinting, also the tail lights went trough the paint process to match the car color

All the mods on the Volvo are done, there is just 1 left to do on later but that is not a priority so I am going to finish off my W126 and get it drift rdy, also I ordered an engine it should arrive around 3rd or 4th Jan next year so we will see...

Have a happy new year guys, we will see what kind of shit is 2019 bringing :D

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