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I wont even bother with a long update imma just get straight to it.
So a few days back i was chilling with my friends,i drove the Evo and a car pulled up and a Japanese guy came out,he started talking Japanese,when he realized i dont speak jap. he started talking English and asked "Is this your EVO?", i replied yes, he then said he has seen it fly buy on the roads (when im late for work ofc,otherwise i go the speed limit) with a big smile i said yeah she gets down,His reply was "I love it, i need it,i will trade you a Nissan Skyline GTT and cash,
I was amused and started to chuckle until i realize that he kept a straight face then i said,how much cash are we talking about? He then said 20,000V$,my eyes popped open and he said no joke.

More recently
So i accepted,he worked out the details and yesterday at 6am i was at the dock waiting to hear that i should pick her up,when my number got called and i went outside to see her,my my my,she is a beauty

Keys were handed over and i was out of there i stopping at Cluckin bells to get some food and I couldn't resist taking some pics

I even carried my drone to take a areal pic

Info about the car:
    Grey in color
    R33 stockies
    Rb25 DET NEO
    Front strut brace
    Brembo all round
    Koni coils
    Dinged up muffler
    50k miles
    5 speed manual tranny
    9/10 interior
    Partially blown turbo

Well thats it for today guys

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# Nightrunner : wow , the civic looks fucking awesome man , great job!
Thank you bro

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# DEADMANE : Agreed^! And that evo looks very aggressive
Thanks i appreciate it,stay tuned