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Thanks Lagano, I will need to meet with you once I get the new engine so we can shred some tires like we used to do :D

Now to getaway from the Merc a little...........

While working on the 650 I used to bring the parts in my 850 but it didn't got any attention thats why today while assembling the 850 I dropped the car to a shop which checked the cars suspension and they told me that the suspension arms are no good for a long use anymore and they need to be replaced, but they only costed me V$200 which ain't bad.....

Also while changing the arms it was a good idea to replace all shocks and upgrade the brakes since everything on the car was almost factory stuff. The shop where I did the inspection had everything that I needed to provide me and install while I was busy with the merc......

I got a set of OZ Mito III 17x10 wrapped in Micheline Pilot for V$2000 (Rims are used but tires are brand new), they installed me a Brembo 300mm kit with 4 Piston calipers and yellow brake pads for V$1200 and the car stops as insane now......

Wait Ben wasn't your Volvo with a higher ride height on the first photo, but on the last one is lower???
Yep thats true cause there is only one reason and it costed me V$2800.... Since its my daily driver I wanned it to be low as hell and to be functioning to do the groceries with it so I went with Air Ride on it......
The car in Air Ride LA shop the whole day till they finished the whole set up, after the check up they called me and said what was bad to replace and I told them what I needed, happily lady luck was on my side today since they had all the parts in the shop and now they are on the volvo. I had to pay the guys V$800 for installing the parts and staying 2h overtime to finish it (it costs a lot to have a guy doing overtime).

But the result was worth every single cent. Check the results and see for your self.

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