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There and back again

So now i've been in the shop in LA for a while, together with the Z32 and R32. Nothing changed on them until now, mostly because they were still on the way from Japan. Well the only thing i did was getting the 300ZX registered a few days ago, it was a bit more difficult than in Oklahoma but i still managed to do it. Also i got a quite special plate for it, and definitely the right one! :D

By the way, that Volvo in the previous photo belongs to Phonexius. Yes, he's finally back. To be honest i doubted i would ever see him again but i'm glad this wasn't the case. As you may have seen in his thread he also bought a LS engine and later a Mercedes S class! Wonder what he will do with those... :rolleyes:

The R32, on the other hand, will probably be for track use only, at least with the current setup.

Even the 300ZX is quite a beast to handle on the streets.

Let's not forget about this Mark 2 here! Well i really don't know what to do with it at the moment, i was even thinking about selling it but the fact that it's one of the first and very few ones in USA has always been holding me back. Hopefully i'll get some ideas to rebuild it or something.

And then there's this 350Z. I've had some plans for this one but as i bought its older brother they didn't work out. I feel like this one has to go, it's a very fun car but if i really wanted a Z33 i'd either get a LHD example or a proper JDM import, the latter being a no go in the States. Now i have to find a JDM enthusiast if i ever wanna sell this thing! The best would be someone that owns a R33 to really justify the plate on it. That's why the Z32 has almost the same one!

I'll still miss it though, even if it's a bit slower than a stock 350Z it's great to drive. I did a bit of Christmas hoonage with it yesterday so i proved it! :P

But the 300ZX surpasses it in both looks and performance so i might not miss it so bad after all.

That's it for this year, let's see what the next one will bring us. Happy holidays! :)