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Another Ricer?
Ayeeeee yah guys so i have aloota stuff going on,as i stated i was gonna do a 5 lug conversion on my EG,and its DONE!! I also got some BBS rims and coilovers,i also started preparing for my K swap,i got the D15 out,the lift wasn't working so we had to literally pull it down and get it out

Finished Product

Tear down!!!!

So i got the D15b out very fucking manually along with frens ofc,i sourced a stripped k series it has everything but a intake and exhaust manifold as soon as i have some $$$ i better grab it

So she is naked af now,so vulnerable :))

Another Suprise!!

So i go Employee of the month 2 months in a row as a real estate agent

I got a 20,000V$ bonus, Friend of mine has a EJ2 rolling shell with Tein coilovers that he has been convincing me to buy for the longest while,so since i got the bonus i finally bought it for 5000V$,it has no engine,the body is multi colored and looks like a clown car but,i can do something with it,i have the d15 that i pulled out of the EG so im good in that aspect,well here she is

Well thats all for today guys thanks for stopping by stay tuned :D ;)

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Quite surprised and happy at the same time seeing you bring it to a trackday for the first time and caging it as well! :)
Now that's one savage Evo!

Man this makes me want to go to Tsukuba again! :))
Thank you bro

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# Sleepin mOnkey : YOOO boi that cage and struts are expensive HMU and i can build you one by a fraction of the price if you need again and the evo is looking sick
Dang if only i knew,hmu i have an EJ that i need worked on