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Yo Yo! :D
Ayeee guys,a lot has been going on as it relates to life :)) im not really into racing but i went to a race meet,some friends boosted me to take her around the track after the racing was finished and trust me it was a very fun experience this inspired me to make my evolution a race build, I went around the track once and the Evo sat in every corner without fault this car i surely s rush,i could feel it pulling back because it needs a oil change and service and other lil stuff. But here are is a shot of me on "raceday"

Real stuff!
As previously stated im making my Evo more trackish (lol) I stripped out my Evo i now have no rear seats,carpets or door covers :)) a list of mods i got were
Bolt on rollcage(10,000V$)
Strut Braces x2(500V$)
Racing seat x1(2000V$)
Vibrant titanium Exhaust(100V$)
Cheap carbon fiber wrap(50V$)

I was searching the net for a cage until i found it,its a boring bolt on but it gets the job done a friend of mine has a shop and he dealt with the work for me,Strut braces i bought from the junk yard and got from a Evo 9 MR at the junk yard and cleaned it up,You may recall that i got a racing seat from a friend of mine, i tracked down the other seat and got it aswell,The exhaust was also pulled from the Evo 9 it was a hell of a struggle to get it removed,one roll of carbon fiber wrap went a far way,im trying to source some carbon mirrors but nothing has come up yet,the door covers are made of sheet metal and wrapped in carbon im not trying to go big and expensive on the Evo because i would like to start my Kswap on the EG soon so i need money for that. Here is the finished product.

Made it on my friends IG page
One last Shot
Ayee Big Smoke u seeing this bro? :))

Thanks for stopping by guys

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# Nightrunner : Oh my god , you are making me buy a EG civic lmao .
Lmaoo buy it!!

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# Sleepin mOnkey : this thing must be ear piercing
Yeah bruv its hella loud