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# Smurf :

Uncharted Waters

So with the new place having an extra long driveway i decided i could use a better daily than the S13. I decided on a 2013 Mustang GT, mostly because i wanted
something newer and since i come from a Ford family i've always been partial to Mustangs. This particular one caught my eye with the triple black and has a few mods already.

If you can't tell it has 19" VFF 104s, AP Racing brakes, Koni sport coilovers and a Roush exhaust that i forgot to get a pic of. I never thought i'd say this but the 19's look small on this thing, the monster truck wheel gap doesn't help.

The interior is clean but this things needs some tint on the windows badly. I already got an appointment at a shop for tomorrow.
Overall i'm pretty stoked to have my first muscle car. Fortunately i have some friends that obsessed with the Coyote engine so i won't be alone on this.


That's a beautyful stang!

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